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  1. That's a very kind offer, thank you. Who is The Doctor btw?? Don't worry about the Guinness, I drink so much of it of it that nobody in NZ need worry about drinking the bittersweet nectar of the Emerald Isle. I think the All Blacks must drink it though, it must be what makes them so fearsome :-)
  2. Hi Jamesc. It's good to know it works - one of the books also said that you can use the smoker on your hands if you are not using gloves. I imagine nobody working hives regularly would use gloves. Yes I'm still looking for work experience for sure. When does the season kick off in NZ? Would it be as early as November?
  3. Hello to all. I have read just two books now on beginning beekeeping. One author says that using a smoker on the beehive disrupts the bee's pheromone signals to one another, while you do your work in the hive. The other author says that using a smoker on the beehive makes the bees think that there is a fire, then they will busy themselves eating stored honey (before departure) while you do your work in the hive. To me, the first theory seems more credible, can anyone shed any light?
  4. Many thanks for your reply Beegirl. And to anyone else who replied. Is Greenvale the place near Gore? I did an internet search for them, looking for a website but I think they are only on Facebook. l'll try them anyway. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am new to beekeeping and would like to get some hands on experience before I decide to purchase my own hives. My holiday plan this year is to travel to NZ for a few weeks towards the end of this year. Can anybody suggest any place with lots of hives, preferably on south island, where they need volunteers or WWOOFERS? Then I can make contact and line things up. Thanks in advance and Beehave (as opposed to Beehive :-)
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