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  1. We've had probably 500mm in last two days. Went into town and saw two cars loaded with kayaks headind out to enjoy flooded rivers. Not everyones unhappy with the rain.
  2. Ya wouldnt need to sell alot to put a smile on ya face. Just need to find suckers with bulging wallets and small brains. Bound to be afew thousand of em on the planet. Just gota find em. Problem i have is ones i meet with small brains have no money. Still lookin.
  3. Thaks Alastair. I've got a couple of two queen hives this summer. I took nucs off of hives with old queen as a swarm prevention method ,then squashed queens and put bees back into hive later when they had requeened. A couple that I couldnt bring myself to kill i put into a box above excluder. All working out great for now. Not that i need extra honey, dont know enough people to give it to.
  4. Do most commercial bee outfits mark queens? Ive only had bees for three years with ten hives how and dont see the point in marking them. Whats the main reason ya it for?
  5. Quintinia been in full flower for at least a week and clematis for three weeks. Must be a bit warmer here. Though lookin at the 10 day forecast it dosnt look like bees will be getting out much. Will have to check see what they got stashed away.
  6. Bush lawyer flowering here to, Quintinea flowering well also and today i see some young Kamahi trees flowering, with some larger trees budding up. Fuchsia all finished. Looking in diary and is same timing as last year. So about 28th boxes should go on for Kamahi which last year was all finished 30th Dec.
  7. Id have to be quite Hungry to eat a rat. Though i did eat some hedgehog at a school camp over the hill there once. Bout 1977. Have learnt how to find yummyer tucker since then.
  8. When i was a kid we used to shoot rats in Turangi with air rifles.The dump was a good spot and the Tokaanu stream had the biggest water rats that ive ever seen to this day. They were huge.
  9. Hi. Im not an expert but id think they would have drawn comb and the queen would be laying after a week. Id arrange for someone to check for AFB after a brood cycle and before putting into new hive. Wouldnt want to burn a hive and a nuc box. As for varroa id put in now. And when to put in hive id say when AFB checked and nuc box is packed with bees.
  10. Yep. The hills are alive. Tis a great thing, can get the kids started young filling the freezer and supplying thier friends familys with free range organic meat. Shame we cant cash em in like we used to. Deer to the chiller at 8, cash cheque cleared at pub at 11. Ah the good ole days. Doc will need to be 1080ing em soon when they run out of possums an rats.
  11. Quintinia just started in from hoki. A few trees in flower but most just startin. My bees been all over the fuchsia last two weeks. Kamahi looks like its still asleep.
  12. Just got back in. Been out with my 16 yr old daughter and she shot one big pest. Protecting the clover for the bees and saving the need for tax payers money to buy more 1080. We just need to get out an shoot more. Easy.
  13. Yep. Like they say, everythings bigger on the coast.
  14. Yep. Whitebaiter shootin a 270. YTB8TA is my number plate. Time will sure tell how well mated they are. They were packed full and had plenty of drones so thinned them out tryin to avoid swarming. So far so good. Double brood boxes and first supers went on a few to fill up with quintinea for winter feed. Bring out the sun. 😊
  15. Hives i took splits off of on the 21 sept that i checked yesterday , 4 of the 5 have new mated queens just started laying. Other one will have old queen put back in. And thats Lake Kaniere, ####ty west coast where its hardly been above 15 degrees. ???
  16. Wana buy some clean green honey not from the DROP ZONE ?
  17. Been very wet here on the coast but thats not that unusual for winter/spring. Nice and sunny today and looks ok for rest of this week. My hives (10 ) were building up strong and had young drones and swarm cells started on the 15 sept so took nucs with old queens off those hives and now have virgins in them now. Only left one big cell in when i checked on 26th. If things dont work out i still have old queens. Had couple swarm last year and hope for none this year. Just need good weather.
  18. Im pleased as that farmland are selling ecrotek hiveware. A little dearer if not a shareholder but saves a 250km drive to get a few frames, treatments etc. Will even deliver to ya door. As for farmers having stock that theyd not be knowing or learning much about, id bet that theres many more urban beekeepers buying bees off trademe, getting supplies from urban beekeeping supply stores that dont have a friggin clue.
  19. When i was up at a mates in Huia collecting crayfish six weeks ago.The manuka was flowering well out that way then. Saw some guy goin through his hives on a terrace above an intersection headin out that way. Looked like a nice spot ( for Auckland that is )
  20. Spring down this way not all bad. Clematis flowering well this last week, bush looks good with white all through it. Bees been bringing in nectar from what looks like some species of five finger, has bigger smooth edged leaves but same type flower clusters. Quintinea is showing small buds so i think that will be next to flower here if the sun shines.
  21. We also got a dusting of snow. 3ks as the crow flys from the hives, but they happy as when sun shinning today bringing in pollen and nectar. Lots of brood and Apitraz seems to have worked goin by dead mites in trays and bases. All lookin good.🙂
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