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  1. If bees didnt mate below 20 deg we would have to wait until January to see any action in Hoki. In a good year.
  2. We get good mating around 14deg witch is about what we'll be getting for the next few days. Couple of my hives had good numbers of drones two weeks ago and one with a freshly made empty swarm cell. Id say they'd be all good to go if if i let them.Am looking through them today for more swarm cells,moving strips onto fresh brood. Cant wait to have a look in them.
  3. The best time to drive over the hill i reckon,when waters pouring out of every little nook an cranny. Awesome.
  4. Shame it wont still be from the norwest. Was considering coming over surfcasting off Birdlings flat if it had. A mate on a fishing boat off the coast between Chch and Kaikoura sent a video yesterday. Looked like hard work.
  5. They dont make young fellah's like they used to. Ya gota tough it out. Gets easier with time.... Talking bout toughin it out, i did four hives today on crutches. Hives a pumpin. Brood in top an bottom boxes with mature lookin drones(some)and a swarm cell in one hive. Nectar and pollen coming in. Gonin ta have hop around em more often i feel.
  6. Got to have a look through a few hives on Saturday.. all got lots of bees. Queens in top box with 4-6 frames brood,some drone brood to,put apitraz strips in.Bottom box mostly empty so swapped around and put new box on top with 5 honey and 5 empty comb. Will check in 3 weeks and move strips to new brood and check feed supplies an look for swarm cells. Hope to do rest of hives Wednesday in the sun
  7. Im thinking the same here inland from Hoki. Fuchsia flowering,coming into leaf and bits of Clematis flowering and cabbage trees budding up.. If its a dry summer,might be a Rata season??
  8. Just by the few comments ive heard people that know nothing about bees or honey say, youd think it should.
  9. Saw wots left of tha lake out of am Ambo window on way to chch hosp on saturday. Broke me leg. Lowest ive seen it. Looked in hives week before and all lookin great, heaps of feed still with fresh nectar/pollen comin in. Have ten hives,couple will need thinning down abit, full of bees and about five frames brood. Once can get round on crutches will do and put Apitraz in.
  10. Or ya could just do it an let us know how it goes. Just make sure ya springs are all good first.
  11. I'd say by the end of the day you'd have forgotten what month it was and be putting strips in. In December.
  12. Not to many people want it on the back seat with the kids.
  13. Bummer. Stopped it eating ya grass but. A couple of em can sure eat the guts out of a paddock ova a week. Robbing deer are as bad as robbing bees.
  14. Yellow comb? This year I had one hive in an apiary of four draw out three boxes of very yellow comb, none in the others. Have wondered what it could have been and why just the one hive?
  15. If ya saw what I see my teenagers putting together to eat would have ya wondering. Anything's possible.
  16. Keen to know what area in Turangi your hives are in? I lived there for yrs and an still have a mate there with couple hundred hives.
  17. Same here, bright orange pollen fron catsear. While out listening for roaring stags i see a small amount of white rata vine but more red vine still with buds to open. Bees still busy collecting and laying eggs. After such a crap spring maybe we wont have a winter.
  18. We have left honey at the end of our drive in different size jars with a container for donations. That way people can pay what they thinks fair or if they only have $2 that's OK. Yesterday 9kg went. Works out at $24 kg so far. west coast bush honey. Yum
  19. Reminds me of the first time I had anything to do with bees. Helping move hives by ute on an orchard I worked on as a teenager in the late 70s in Tepuke. At night, no suit, socks as gloves. Had no idea what I'd got myself into. Never did that again. Must have got stung about 50 times. The boss had a good laugh though as i jumped around trying to get rid of masses of crawling bees. Wasn't good.
  20. White Rata,Koromiko and Lancewood is full on now. Definitely later than last couple of years.Had extracted and had Bayvarol strips in by this time last year.
  21. The white rata vine has just burst out in flower this last week here along with five finger and broard leaf. Bees very happy when sunny. No red vine flowers yet.
  22. If it were me id grab two or three of his hives an an tell him were sorted, and look for work elsewhere.
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