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  1. Was up at Westport and Fox river fishing last week. Manuka full of flower in Westport and Pahutakawa and Rata flowering fox river area. Hope the Rata flowers down Hoki way later. Bees been lovin this last few weeks fine weather. Boxes filling fast.
  2. Can't say Ive seen sth island east coast bait but they sure are a good size on the westcoast,but have caught very nice bait in the BOP and waikato also. Dont think the new regulations will effect me much. If it helps protect the fishery and we all can put a six month supply in the freezer then all good i say. Whitebaiting cows? Seen a few in the river, wondered why they were there, now I know. Have shot a couple with 270 but use a 7mm08 for that. Bullet stays in the head,not so messy. As to where i am, im 30ks inland of Hokitika on a farm beside a lake souroundered by bush. No neighbors. And as for rearing queens in numbers i try not to, a single brood i have has just produced a couple that ive had to run around catching. Yay. The pumpkin thing sounds a bit dangerous.
  3. Do you sell from a yellow vehicle?
  4. Hi oma, ive got my Dad down from Turangi staying for a few weeks and he said he had been buying some nice honey from the market there that he liked. Could it be yours?
  5. I hope your boxes are filling nicely, youve waited awhile for the good weather. Ive just put a 5th 3/4 box on two of mine while the rest have three. No sign of Rata flowering here yet but still the odd Kamahi flower and white Rata starting. Went fishing at Fox River the other day and good Rata flowering there so signs are good for here next month i hope.
  6. Alcohol can sure be bad for ya. My Grandmother told me about when she was bout aged 15,her and her cousin wagged school, stole some honey mead and drank it all under the bridge at Taneatua untill they passed out. The cousin never woke up. Would have been about 1925 i think.
  7. We've had probably 500mm in last two days. Went into town and saw two cars loaded with kayaks headind out to enjoy flooded rivers. Not everyones unhappy with the rain.
  8. Ya wouldnt need to sell alot to put a smile on ya face. Just need to find suckers with bulging wallets and small brains. Bound to be afew thousand of em on the planet. Just gota find em. Problem i have is ones i meet with small brains have no money. Still lookin.
  9. Thaks Alastair. I've got a couple of two queen hives this summer. I took nucs off of hives with old queen as a swarm prevention method ,then squashed queens and put bees back into hive later when they had requeened. A couple that I couldnt bring myself to kill i put into a box above excluder. All working out great for now. Not that i need extra honey, dont know enough people to give it to.
  10. Do most commercial bee outfits mark queens? Ive only had bees for three years with ten hives how and dont see the point in marking them. Whats the main reason ya it for?
  11. Quintinia been in full flower for at least a week and clematis for three weeks. Must be a bit warmer here. Though lookin at the 10 day forecast it dosnt look like bees will be getting out much. Will have to check see what they got stashed away.
  12. Bush lawyer flowering here to, Quintinea flowering well also and today i see some young Kamahi trees flowering, with some larger trees budding up. Fuchsia all finished. Looking in diary and is same timing as last year. So about 28th boxes should go on for Kamahi which last year was all finished 30th Dec.
  13. Id have to be quite Hungry to eat a rat. Though i did eat some hedgehog at a school camp over the hill there once. Bout 1977. Have learnt how to find yummyer tucker since then.
  14. When i was a kid we used to shoot rats in Turangi with air rifles.The dump was a good spot and the Tokaanu stream had the biggest water rats that ive ever seen to this day. They were huge.
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