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  1. ? Should move to the Sunny Westcoast. Hot as hell here. Just put another FD box of mostly undrawn frames on my largest hive yesterday. Had 3 FDs and a 3/4 on it and had a look yesterday and there packed full. Other hives have 3 boxes on and am putting an extra box on 5 of those to. Bees are now on the Rata,Flax and Some Clover now that the Kamahi's finished. Goin to be a nice tasti honey i thinks.
  2. Yep. I spent 11yrs driving grader on desert rd. Think it was maybe 1990 that i spent Xmas day sitting in the Rangipo snow hut while road was shut.
  3. Weren't you complaing about snow and havin ta light the fire and feeding hives recently?
  4. Might be cold over your side of the hill but sure hasn't been cold here.
  5. Sure is flowering here, lake Kaniere area. Very early. With the Kamahi in flower with the Rata and having been on Kamahi for a few weeks , will the bees, A. Remain on Kamahi B. Gather both or C. Switch to the Rata? First Kamahi goin to seed but most in flower now with some just started flowering. Very interesting.
  6. Why did you put your bees there if it changed hands so often and it was a bit ho hum?
  7. Those with massive AFB probs aint gonin to pay. If they have a massive AFB problem they arnt doin things right to begin with. And usually thats because there either stupid or broke. Or both. ...... Touch wood.
  8. The three Rata i could see flowering from my lounge chair four days ago has turned into nine now. The hills goin to be red before xmas. Going to have Rata mixed with Kamahi in me boxes. Something different.
  9. Just sitting back havin a beer and lookin out window above woolshed roof on hillside in bush is a reddish lookin tree. A look through binoculars and its a Southern Rata in full bloom. A look around and across lake is two more bright red trees.. The earliest ive seen in the eight years ive been here.
  10. Legs comin along good. Still in a moon boot with 1 crutch. Doin light duties back at work. Moving couple of hives out to Cranberry farm tomorrow for pollination then off surfcasting. On way home this evening 2 big hinds in paddock, so stopped and yelled, tooted car horn to scare em away and they ran up to car for a look. Crazy. Life is good?
  11. Bet you guys be wishin ya were on the sunny an warm westcoast?
  12. Looking at how heavely buded up/and with some already flowering the Pohutakawa are in Greymouth and Hokitika im hopeful that the Southern Rata may have a good year. Heres hopeing anyway.
  13. I have only had one AFB ckeck done by someone else in my first year of having bees. Was four hives and not knowing anyone with bees it was such a great lesson(and free) to see an experienced beekeeper go through the hives and inspect them. I learnt alot from that visit. Then sat courses and got my deca. Now have 12 hives and been disease free. So i think its important that the hive owner is there to see what goes on. Every bit ya can do to educate a hive owner is a bonus. I reckon.
  14. Not very quiet round Hoki. I see plenty bee trucks on road. Must be money in Quintinia ?
  15. Im told it will get better? Lucky coast bees fly in the rain at 10degC huh.
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