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  1. Thanks all for your helpful insight. One thing I forgot to mention was I am running a single brood box hive. My question may have been slightly misunderstood. I dont want to split the hive now, I just want to know if it's OK to put another box on top, divide the brood frames between them, add extra drawn frames and let the hive expand into both; essentially creating a double box brood chamber. Only split once this is full of brood and honey in a few months. Cheers
  2. Thanks yesbut. Guess I'll keep an eye on brood stock and go from there.
  3. I'm relatively new to the hobby and this will be my first spring after starting a new single hive (single FD brood box) apiary last October. So on the weekend i did a quick hive inspection to see how the colony was doing for overwintering honey supplies and check on the brood frames. Absolutely no shortage of honey with full bur comb stuck between the lid and top hive mat. Strong numbers of worker bees. Brood frames were a bit light on, maybe half capacity. Quite a few drones running missions during the last couple weeks Lots of pollen coming. My ques
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