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  1. I am physically fit and can deal with almost any situation I come across. I grew up with the bees so I am calm and confident around them and know what to look for. This isn't my first rodeo, I got paid $21 in high school... doesn't The Warehouse pay $21 for people to push trolleys? I'm not looking to get rich here and I know times aren't what they used to be, i'm trying to find a happy medium with my father where we both win. I gain nothing by demanding high pay, in fact i'm happy to be on the lower end of the pay scale . Of course I'm going to put my heart and soul into it, it's a family business i'm directly invested in it.
  2. Older guy who's done his time and doesn't mind the reduced duties, I will be paid less than him, he is very easy to work with and occasionally provides guidance. More qualified than me and my father combined. The other staff are part-time and generally only come in for the harvest.
  3. I should've clarified, I will be a full time team leader in the field. I will be semi-self sufficient, just have to run any funky ideas past the old fella. He won't have to give me any direction in terms of the actual beekeeping. Not sure on the queen raising situation this year. I have worked with the other staff in the past and they're more than happy to take a backseat, not the leading type. I have been a team leader in planting crews and in a management role in the minerals industry. So it's not like i'm the young bosses son coming in and screwing up the whole dynamic. We will be downsizing quite a bit this year and the other staff know and have known for a while that this might be the last season for them
  4. Obviously It will all be through the books and i'll be treated the same as any other employee. My father doesn't want to low ball me and I don't want to ask for something which isn't sustainable for him. He said it's investing in my future so he wants to pay well, but I understand times are tough hence me posting here for some guidance.
  5. Most seasons I worked early October to mid February and have done 2 full seasons. I also grew up being taught everything my father does as he was learning at the same time. We have about 1200 hives, i'll be in charge of people mainly during the harvest so, not difficult to tell them where to carry boxes etc. They're also young guys on their university breaks only employed for the harvest. Me coming back to help out is more of a favour for me as i'm keen to move back to where I grew up and work outside an office for a little while - I understand the business is hurting the same as everyone else and last years low grade crop is still in the shed, but, If I wasn't employed someone else would have to be at a similar rate to me anyway and there is no way they'll be as invested in the future of the company as me. I am competent (albeit a bit rusty with somethings) with: - woodworking - disease recognition and management - queen raising - harvesting - splitting - general hive management - day to day apiary selection for efficiency
  6. This year I am helping my father out beekeeping, I have at least 10 seasons under my belt helping out during high school and uni holidays etc. I don't want to bleed him dry but, I also want a fair wage. I can do everything general beekeeping requires independently and have management experience from another industry. In the peak season I will be out in the field working with and directing less experienced staff, I'll also be involved in the day to day management of the business. What would be a good ballpark figure to start at? I was thinking in the mid 20s range - is this fair?
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