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  1. Now the results come back with a high C4 (10.4%) and moisture (20.3%), which will almost certainly fail. The results from the supplier was C4(6.7%) and moisture (19.5%). I don't understand why the results are so different. I'm really confused as we only storage the original drum and pack them into our snaps. The sample I took was directly from the drum of supplier. It is so weird. Anyone has further comments? Much appriciated.
  2. Thanks for your comments. Yes I have already reteste them waiting the results now.. Supplier provided me the result with a 19.5% moisture and 6.7 C4 which i think they are a bit higher than normal but manuka gives false C4 sugar test which we all know.. so.. just wanting to see some opinions from beekeepers. so thanks Not long for honey. we are a food contract packer, honey just one of our product line. I've already sent the samples. Thanks for your comment.
  3. Hello guys, I'm new here. We are a contracter honey packer, we buy honey from elsewhere and pack into our commercial snap packs. Recently there is a Manuka 10+ supplied to us and the honey was made in 2017. We have found the honey was crystalised and has undissolved sugar in it. Moisture is 19.5% and C4 is 6.7%. We then sent them to be creamed, but the colour looks very strange it was like a bright yellowish and still tastes like chewing sand( the undissolved suger). Anyone knows what's wrong with it? Thanks
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