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  1. On reflection yes I probably should have had 3 full boxes. What I can't find out is whether the old queen usually stops laying for a time after swarming?
  2. My 2 thriving box hive keeps swarming. First I took a 4 frame split including a couple of capped swarm cells, flipped the boxes and put empty frames in the top box to discourage swarming. 12 days later the hive swarmed. The first swarm with the old queen I caught and boxed 21 October. I checked today and couldn't see any eggs. Is she played out or is it that the process of getting ready to decamp means she stops laying for a while? Several days after that there was a small cast swarm....only a cup full of bees out the front of the hive. Grabbe
  3. Hi there no there was no syrup just dried sugar sheet but all the "barely stripey" bees were in there so maybe it was high humidity dampening them down. Im honestly not sure how they got in? There were 20 or so in there and its one of those feeders with the clear plastic caps at each corner and in the middle.
  4. I found a number of these barely striped bees in my top feeder today. Not my normal italianx. Hoping they are not going to be a problem?
  5. They were clumping under the pallet....probably only a handful by nightfall fortunately.
  6. Today I decided to unite the queenless with the queenright hive. Using "Practical Beekeeping" book advice I put the weak hive on the bottom (in the strong hive spot)followed by newspaper and the strong queenright hive on top. So far all good. What I forgot about was the top feeders which each had quite a bit of comb and bees under the plastic covers. I shook them out as much as possible but now I have a mound of bees in the old weak hive site and a mound of bees unwilling to reenter the new weak hive entrance (which I take to be foraging bees returning to the strong hive and finding things ha
  7. Thanks for the heads up re the different frames. I will check.
  8. Ok dlq found and disposed of. I did find a new intact superceedure cell today and wonder if I should give this one a chance to develop before I go down the combining hives route? There seem to be plenty of bees in the hive still as well as the two frames of worker brood and larvae added from my strong hive.
  9. Eek so hard to kill a queen. So should i persist with the split in an effort to raise a new queen or combine the now queenless hive with the strong one.
  10. I have wintered over two single box colonies. One is strong and one weak. I took a look at the weak one and found only drone brood I found the queen. Last autumn there were some superceedure cells. Now there are quite a few opened cells. I have transfered a frame of capped brood and a frame of eggs and larvae from the strong hive to reinvigorate the weaker hive. My questions are 1. Could the weak hive queen have wintered over from autumn and simply be played out (she looks mature) 2. Could she be a new virgin queen waiting for spring to become more established before doing a mating flight. 3.
  11. Hello I have 2 single box hives that I have grown on from autumn nucs. One has wintered well and is starting to get busy the other is a lot less active. Today I found no eggs in that hive only drone brood. There were three opened emergency queen cells. I could find no queen. I saw at least one emergency superceedure cell back in autumn so dont know if they hatched back then and I have an unmated drone laying queen from autumn or a virgin dlq who is waiting to go on her first mating flight. I have placed a full frame of capped brood from the busy hive to boost numbers. Should I also place a fra
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