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  1. @Pinnacle I originally tried snowsweat diamond snow chain but not much chop with trailer on back so got local engineer to make up cleats, diamond pattern is good for stopping sideways movement though.
  2. @Wayne yep mud cleats, are handy when pulling trailer or getting on tracks a little earlier after a wet spell
  3. my packhorse combo will go most places
  4. pic doesn't show it properly but lifter will do 3 FD supers with the lid off, I guess the side bars could be any length within reason given the weight to be lifter,it costs about $200 to make.
  5. this is all I use to put escape boards in
  6. Hi Seb I have 300kg of manuka for sale 10-15+ range with DHA 2500-3000 packed in 1kg plastic jars RMP compliant and I hold a export license from MPI,I would have to check your countrys import regulations first. If you are interested in further discussions contact me.
  7. just a quick update on this 2 guys got bail on first appearance, no association,curfew and not to be in this area. at fourth hearing pleaded guilty got 100 hrs community service and reparation of $150 each.
  8. some of it can be seen from the road but you would have to know what they were and have a closer look,I don't think the casual motorist would even notice ,we think they cased the shed earlier in the evening
  9. recovered gear and spilt boxes in the getaway
  10. yes trying for restoration but not hopeful was interesting what they took left bases top feeders and lids and bee escape boards.
  11. being charged with burglary as it is more serious than theft aparently
  12. Tuesday night a couple of guys stole a small truck load of supers with foundation frames and queen excluders from our shed at 1am in morning ,son got suspicious as they turned motor of and rolled down the hill to shed he went to look and caught them just coming back onto the road and chased them through back roads with boxes falling of their truck as they tried to outrun him, eventually the police caught up and took over so we got all our gear back. they are well known to police habitual crime's by the sound ie scrap metal. Trying now to see if they have a connection with a beekeeper. Do
  13. could be a break down in translation:whistle:
  14. I make the angle cuts on the riser about 50mm apart and around 100mm from front that gives a good gap between the next entrance on that side being on the box behind , and continues around for all four boxes on the pallet.
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