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  1. The plan would have been to unhitch and pull up along side the trailer to load/unload it. You think too short still - or ok (even though a bit fiddly)?
  2. Thanks all. Some of this feedback relates to operator training and how the rig should be properly operated - all good points that I will cover off with the manufacturer. Tristan - I hear what you're saying about the 700kg / capacity of the crane, but that is max lift at the shortest possible extension. Push it out to 3.8m and the crane rating is down to 200kg. You do recognise this limitation in your post but my thinking is that the greater the capacity of the forks, the heavier and more expensive they will be to build, so what I want to aim at is forks that will do the job required....the re
  3. Hi all. We are looking at buying one of the QL080 from Waimea and mount on the deck (I understand it bolts directly onto chassis) of a ute (BT50, DMax or similar). To lift, we are looking at forks as in the picture, but in alloy, rather than steel. We are running 4 x double hives on pallets (avo/kiwifruit pollination and bush/manuka). We would not be lifting the hives with honey on board. Any views on that rig, and what sort of weight capacity we should look at on the forks?
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