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  1. @Alastair Then, I wasn't mistaken about my chances to find anything in NZ. It looks like I should better check AU, although they don't have Varroa (yet)..
  2. @Jacob Actually I was in touch with them last year, and my impression was Varroa and viruses are not one of their first priorities. @tommy dave I was in touch with Prof. Mercer and as John said she has retired. If you can find out on anybody else, would be great @Dave Black I might have been missing something, but as far as I know Heather works with phages. It's a bit other research direction. Anyway, I will take a look, thank you! @JohnF Many thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I'm an Israeli based molecular virologist with expertise in honeybees and Varroa. I've just completed my PhD. One of the outcomes of the research I conducted is the discovery of novel Varroa-specific viruses (which absent in bees), which ability to serve as a biocontrol tool might be evaluated. With this in mind I went out for my job hunt and was looking for a postdoc with NZ uni, but was surprised to find out there is no much research on bee health, please correct me if I wrong. Do you think there is a need in the scientist of my profile? Or should I switch to fungi research? :-) Do you have any tip where to look or whom to contact? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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