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  1. Yes, I'd love to hear from anyone exhibiting industry related goods/information/equipment at FD2019.... still trying to decide if I will head up??
  2. Sorry, you confused me at first then I realised my error...Haha, computers are not my thing and I didn't set this up very well... all tidy now, only have a handful of hives so not going to buy Kilo litres. A friend used Farmlands Feilding but they were out of stock too often and was causing him too much bother so he's making his own again.
  3. Hey all, just wondering what people are paying for liquid sugar/litre/kg? I am mixing my own syrup (which I buy by the pallet ~$1.45kg granulated white sugar)... but curious about the economics of it as I have never really shopped around. I know you can buy bulk liquid from several Auckland based companies... is anyone doing that, how do the costs stack up with freight included? Gets confusing with all the ratios and then factoring in the time and fuel to collect, sugar is a big cost so keen to check in and see what others are paying and where they are buying it from. Thanks all
  4. Wow, that's amazing.... could make Saint Patrick's day green honey for next year!!!
  5. Thanks, Kate, that explains a lot. I Appreciate the response.
  6. Hey Kellee, do hills test for C4 and C3 in honey?
  7. Hey all, I'm a complete newbie to this, can anyone help me understand the C4 testing requirements of honey...does anyone have a good easy to read article or website on the subject? Just trying to understand the practical implications of feeding too much sugar syrup and it being left in the frames come the nectar flow ... how do you manage this and what are the costs for not getting it right. Thanks
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