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  1. Bees back to normal chilled out selves this weekend. Did inspection without issue. No obvious varroa however I will do analcohol wash next weekend.
  2. So its be dry here in the Central North Island and only about 8mm of rain in the last month. My hives have decent stores and are queen right when I last checked 10 days ago. Usually very calm bees that I can sit next to hives and just watch. Went to check hives yesterday before suiting up and got stung as a few guard bees went for me when I was a few meters away. They wouldn't give up so left them alone. Am I right in my assumption that due to the drought conditions there is no real honey flow on at the moment and if I open up the hives there is a real risk of robbing starting?
  3. Hi, I have a full depth hive and super leftover from my course. I want to convert them all to 3/4, I have figured out how to cut down the wood frames and reattach the bottom bar with minimal amount of damage using an electric stapler. But with the plastic frames I am a bit unsure what to do - can I just cut the bottom of the frame off with the band saw or do I need to reattach the bottom bar afterwards?
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