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  1. No they have a small triangular starter strip of wood running along the middle of the top bar. Seemed to be strongest option. I have used iceblock sticks very successfully in my standard FD-3/4 honey boxes for cut comb honey production last season.
  2. Could not stop worrying that bees were creating their own freestyle comb. So had a very quick look today (48hrs)lifted 2 centre frames and comb is progressing well and very straight along bar. Was just a 2 second lift and look will leave alone now for rest of week. Amazing.
  3. I introduced a swarm I collected into a Topbar Nuc 24hrs ago, today they were out and about and looking like they were settling into the Nuc. When can I open up the nuc and check the comb is going in tidily along the top bars?. Thinking 72hrs? First time playing with a topbar.
  4. Hived a nice swarm just on dusk today. Cardboard box to get it home then into a nuc.
  5. YHive swarmed today had seen what I thought were play cups 9days ago. Managed to catch swarm despite it being well up a tree. Took a few attempts but in end cut branch down to bring to ground and shook into nuc. About a 5th land in nuc then I closed lid and rest walked in like army ants. Didn't see marked queen Assuming I should have taken the play cups as sign it was ready to split or that I missed a queen cell. Swarm filled a full depth nuc box. Got some cool photos but files too large to post.
  6. Hi, got hive through winter okay and put in the MAQS today, as once again in lockdown, some drone brood seen in the burr combed witch I removed and checked for varroa, none was seen in the drone brood. I still want to split this hive so after 7 or so days once the MAQS have finished can I do the split or should I wait till I see more drones out and about?
  7. Okay thanks. Will find another project and leave the girls alone.
  8. Is is too late in the year to do a walkaway split in west Auckland?
  9. Yeah I am certain, it pricked the uncapped cell 3 times and the blew in a bit of air. I paid a bit of attention to it as its was manufactured by a company that does a bit of stainless steel fabrication for a company I work for.
  10. Yep a whole riverbank and many abandoned houses overgrown with blackberries
  11. Thanks I was aware of the need to agitate the honey as I had done a tour of a manuka extraction plant last season and they had a Automatic pricker that also blew a bit of compressed air into the cell as well. We tried stabbing the honey with cappings scratchers to loosen but that was useless. We scraped a few frames and tried straining that but that didn't work very well either. Will get a roller and try that as we still have one hive to extract as I foolishly didn't use a queen excluder on that hive and some there is a chimney of Capped brood through the honey supers I need to sort
  12. Honey is warm from hive. We have a 2 frame manual extractor. We then run honey immediately through a double sieve 1.2mm/0.5mm holes. This honey didn't even want to come out of the comb and some frames it just wouldn't come out. With stirring will go through the first sieve and then sits like snot on the finer sieve and won't go through.
  13. I will have have another walk around and check again. I couldn't find any kanuka round here when I was looking for a local kanuka seed source. I got my seeds from a farm going back to bush about 20kms away.
  14. Not really any flowering kanuka around I have planted out a lot of kanuka for future firewood and Essential oil production however it hasn't flowered yet.
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