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  1. Their are 2 different definitions for beehives that contradicted the other But this brings us back to my point before that even people with furniture made of second hand beekeeping equipment need to registrar their front room. If you want to apply policy it needs to be done consistently and fairly
  2. Thats your opinion, and you can have your opinion, but I can have my opinion as well and both need to be respected because both can have valid reasoning
  3. Thats how I read it So where is the must keep dead outs, that are AFB Free, registered come from ?
  4. "Get real and support them" What does this mean ? Completely agree with how the AFB PMP is operated ? As a levy payer am I not allowed to challenge/ have different opinions to what Marco thinks ? I see supporting as challenging, asking hard questions and not rolling over You may see this this as being a trouble maker. By asking hard questions I have found that the management of the AFB are very arrogant in their behavior.
  5. Another point of fear " away from where bees have access" Are we now required to store our beekeeping equipment in air tight containers ? If so might as well burn it all every year before the wax moth destroy it
  6. Alastair Take a few minutes to reflect If Marco, as you said above, wants to have places where used beekeeping equipment is stored registered he is digging up a big pile of smelly stuff for himself. Is he expecting the people who use old bee boxes for furniture to registrar their living room, and how does he plan to have it inspected Perhaps every shop who sells honey needs to be registered Anybody who has dealing with Marco and dares to challenge him knows they need to know the rules really well and they will have to push back hard to have there challenge accepted. They will also know that the standard reply from Cliffon is " we stand by out people" This attitude can only lead to more head butting and a need to engage lawyers Be afraid
  7. Hello Frazz NZ Beekeeping inc are very well aware of the proposed levy changes as is ApiNZ NZ Beekeeping Inc have been trying to fight these proposals as has SNI beekeeping. APiNZ fully supports them The problem is that when submissions where asked for the main groups people to put in submissions where the vigilante brigade, so therefore the proposed levy changes reflect their opinions. The definition of a beehive is going to have long reaching effects. The way Marco is behaving beekeepers (good and bad) should be very worried I would encourage you to write to the minister of MPI
  8. Also add in the vigilante brigade who dont like the look of your hives therefore they must be spreading AFB. Maybe they look a ramshackle because 1) you made the gear out of old pellets 2) got the paint from a car boot sale and made the lids from colour steel off cuts (just like the old days) Instead of buying in instant beehives that cost and look like $1000
  9. No point not missed you just said it in a different way
  10. Understand your comments Sailabee and agree but not sure how this links in
  11. "Sorry to say, it's now the beekeeper that has their hand out more than researchers" Is that not a result of all the hype and gloss when the reality is that Beekeeping is hard work and depends on world markets,weather patterns and plants Research will not bring the money back into over hyped industry
  12. There are some big differences between the kiwifruit growers and beekeepers The government passed laws sometime back that only Zespri could export kiwifruit (Turners to Oz) In the beekeeping industry its dog eat dog, long knifes and flaming arrows Until the government mandates a single desk seller for honey it is no point comparing 2 different industry structures The first thing to sort out is the industry politics and from that will flow the research
  13. Hey John You said "By ‘stirring up the past’ you’re referring to the idea of a research levy Trevor then I say stir away ! But now we can discuss, debate, argue the merits (or otherwise) without a deadline. " In the golden days before the #lotsofgoldformetoo or the #canIabeasirtoo movments quite a bit of fund raising and assistance was given by beekeepers. But the new regime seems to have exclude the people who enjoy fund raising and now the researchers just keep on pushing to take what little money we have left to put food on the table Perhaps the new regime needs to stop pushing away the volunteers away (and yes Dennis we do run business and have the skills and the knowledge and enjoy running events) and work on sorting the politics out so the fund raising branches can reform and get back to supporting the researchers
  14. Alistair The thinking is very deep Its about the effects of vigilante like behaviour ,that is quite common in the beekeeping industry and how best to have a conversation with people, without the fear of being put down. With the aim of achieving the results of improving the overall behaviour in the industry.
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