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  1. has any body used the plastic frame cleaning device that is attached to a hot water blaster. The frames are then push though and the water cleans them ready for re use AKA a Powershot Double Sided Frame Cleaner
  2. I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the AFB levy increase just announced
  3. Alistair A way to think about it is would you be happy being stop by the police and questioned every time you walked down the road because you look dodgy, but when in fact you are not breaking any law The reason you look dodgy is because your neigbour thinks anybody who drives a red ute must be breaking the law.
  4. A lab test of a sample of honey that has AFB material only shows that it has AFB material in it. Nothing more If its a DNA test it only shows that is contains DNA. Does the DNA test show that the material is capable of causing and infection ? Does heating AFB material above 160 destroy that AFB DNA? Did the DNA come from the foundation wax or wax sprayed onto plastic frames? There are many question that need to be asked before the positive DNA test can be used to say a Beekeeper has a problem. The PMP requires only one inspection per year for clinical symptoms of AF
  5. Honey testing only really works when hives are not moved about. I am aware of a positive test in honey and the hives on the site were not the hives on site when the retail sample was tested. The Agency in there usual bullying way were not interested. I believe that a lot of the proposed testing methods are greatly flawed. The labs may be able to detected stuff in the samples but unless the taking of samples is done in a scientific way the lab results are useless. A AP2 poping past to take samples will never be a scientific method
  6. Dear Members, As you may know, the AFB PMP Management Agency has proposed an increase in levies of 25% for the 2021/22 levy year. NZ Beekeeping supports the PMP’s objectives and does not begrudge paying reasonable levies to fund the PMP. However, on top of last year’s increase for commercial beekeepers, the levy increase is intolerable at a time when beekeepers are struggling to remain financially viable. Your Executive are sufficiently concerned at the continual increases in the levy and offer the following suggestions if members and those on our wider mailing list also have conce
  7. To me the real question is how do i know to suspect that the apiary is unregistered. The most flashest of hives have been known to be unregistered, big corporate hives have been known to be unregistered and so on Apiaries full of dead hives can be registered So do we just report all apiaries we see as un registered Just looking for some meaningful guidance
  8. From the August Diary Why not just contact the owner and have a polite chat, maybe offer some help and be a decent member of the beekeeping community . At some point you may need some help so its a good idea to pay it forward
  9. Just remember that is not the land owners property or their place to give permission to take a look You might end up with the police knocking at your door. I have seen wanted posters, complete with photos, put up when hives have been tampered with.
  10. With Assure-quality no longer supplying the AP1 the checks and balances that the upper management of Assure quality are no longer in place. The AFB PMP needs someone or a group to keep it in check. Since ApiNZ are the management agency its not them. So that leaves NZBeekeeping as nobody else has stepped forward . Levy payers dont have the right to change the governance of the AFB PMP when they feel a change is needed. So we end up with frustrated people hiring lawyers.
  11. This flyer turned up today NZBI Mini Conference - Programme 2020.pdf
  12. Any body heard about the conference next month ?
  13. First thing is that as Dennis is a Api rep and Api run the AFB PMP . There for Dennis is speaking for Api and hence the AFB board Next thing Please read the levy order and you will fined a few things stuffed up. To me the main thing that jumps out is the start date of the levy. Clearly states the hive levy year starts in the 2019/2020 year. But the thing is you have already paid for the 2019/2020 year . So you only need to pay the difference between the bills. Now the AFB people will always say "we must follow what the law says" If you ask about the double billing you will
  14. Someone has had a bad day https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/119078492/bee-truck-crash-under-investigation-in-waitara
  15. Not quite correct. They can control the the industry because they have a single marketing desk. Until the honey industry goes back to the single sales desk none of the controls will happen
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