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  1. I have some 6 frame polystyrene nuc boxes which are great for doing splits you can divide into 2 x 3 with a feeder on top and can stack on top of each other so I'm wintering 12 frames in 2 boxes. Standard f/d so I can move frames into boxes when they expand or harvest a few frames as they fill up.Bees seem to do well no rot very light and well insulated maybe a option ABC also have a really good top bar hive with standard frames no lifting of boxes and a nice hight to work at if you're a handy builder looks good too could be another option.
  2. Last month did about half the hives with apivar or maqs hives with no sign did sugar shake and checked drone brood i didnt treat big mistake last week i had high count on untreated hives put in maqs or apitraz.Seems like a lot of hives dont have much brood at the moment maybe due to treatment or varroa or lazy queen certainly lots of pollen and honey in hives some have eggs and larvae coming on.Have done the odd match stick test but no sign of uncapped pupae either.appreciate the feed back happy hives.
  3. well I often read the forum to try and keep up with whats happening and what i should be doing next.Im still learning more often the hard way after 4 years.So I thought I would sell some hives to cover some of my costs and my price got lower and lower and the months went by and still no takers so the other day I relisted again and a couple wanted a look at 6pm so I said thats a bit late o what about 5.30 then.So they show up and I say its not a good time to buy hives but they ok they will have a look well I had recently treated for mites after removing honey, wintering down boxes,afb checks and working inbetween and I open this hive and its got dwv oh no thats not good cant have that lets hope it survives. Now its getting dark try the next 1looks good to me patchy brood well thats a sign of afb they tell me or maybe just the time of year ? hey look theres a bee trying to get out of its cell yep they do that and well as for bees sitting on the frames I think thats kinda normal too especially when its getting dark.Well another hard lesson learnt I have over 20 hives more than enough for me but I enjoy all aspects of beekeeping and try to keep on top of things, of those hives this 1 has dwv still 1 too many.Question if you find no sign of mites do you still treat them as a matter of course? Well maybe wasnt the same person just coincidence but I hope most beekers? do there best and are not trying to pass on diseaesed hives I agree I did a course before I started joined the local club go to seminars have my deca and still have queenless hives varroa problems and dread the oncoming wasp attacks and thats my 10 cents worth.
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