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  1. Thanks John. The tree is in the centre of a 3 acre block, and as far as we are aware there are no hives near here. How far do bees travel from their hive? I've been right in there and haven't seen any wasps, so pretty sure all bees. Lot's all over the ground too. apparently, in previous years, they only turn up for 2 weeks a year, maybe this season is different with the weather or something, and the aphids are here longer this year? What are they doing with the honeydew? Thanks for the info!
  2. I know nothing about beekeeping.... yet! I have a willow tree with hundreds, if not thousands of bees. It's currently mid April and getting pretty chilly here in Central Otago. They have been around since early March. My untrained eye can't identify why they would be here, day in, day out this time of year. I also can't identify a hive in the tree or near by (not to say there isn't one!). Any suggestions? My next question is an obvious to ask, can these bees be "caught" so i can set up my own hive/s? I have read a few different threads, and know I need to buy the book, learn as much as i can, etc, etc but yet to find information on capturing bees that aren't swarming..... Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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