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  1. I have tried that thermal treatment.i use the mineral oil fogging treatment.every fortnightly. I haven't lost a hive yet,I've exspanded from 2 hive too 14 hives.use apivar strips in between, bees before that all died, without the fogger.havent look back since.going to expand bigger this year,
  2. Wind pollination 10 % Honebees are90%pollination .wind pollination takes 8 weeks.Bee take 5 days too pollination, so your eating your produce 8 weeks earlier great stuff A .what a say honey bees all the way
  3. Great topic about tutu will google more a about
  4. Winter bee live about 3 Month .the less movement the longer they live .the faster they go in summer. They Live 5 weeks..winter break in brood cycle if she their,eventually may lay.
  5. Hi. I grind up snail pellets for cockroaches. Put crashed pellets put on ice cream lid on top of crown board .lift the lid a little for access for cockroaches ,and ants.
  6. Hi 8 at night an 16 during the day. fogging I think warm them up a bit. Gets 100 % kill on the Bee's backs.
  7. Check stick board every week mite drop.do calculation.amount of bee's on frames to varroa drop. 1 an 2 full depth five frames of bee's. Fogging like using a smoker.and carms bee's. First time using winter fogger.should bee every 2-3 weeks through the winter.lve been heard.blue shop towels (repco) glycerine ( farmland) an oxaclic acid
  8. Lifted hives to reach the sun an insulated roof. before varroa invaded. Didn't seem to matter where I place in parshil Sun.they pull through the winter.have oxaclic blue paper still on.mite levels are extra high.fogging each week as well.till mite levels stabilizes
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