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  1. Yes the no brood is quite telling, wasps wouldnt of cleaned them out like that. It would be of interest to test that brown stuff just in case. Who knows, double diagnosis is of course still in the mix
  2. Interesting to hear about the hive dump. Is that in Hawkes Bay? Are you having overstocking problems there too? It was interesting watching the beehive prices on trademe last year. About this period in the cycle they crashed to the lowest ive ever seen. I wonder if the modest recovery in prices seen this year is somewhat of a dead cat bounce. A lot of processors havent being able to sell their honey stock so a backlog is going on and processors arent buying from producers. I suspect the high price in shops has finally affected demand
  3. Thank you for this and sorry to hear of your loss. Any idea what specifically the poison is that goes brown?
  4. Yes im wondering if heat may of somehow hurt the queen, i dont have aircon in my car so they were busy fanning away for three hours. I can definitely do with some advice on that. Ive only ever really moved early morning or night but i couldnt unfortunately on this move. Perhaps i need a grill on top to keep them in but allow much more airflow. Perhaps the queen dies/becomes infertile at a certain temp. Maybe the eggs become unviable too and lead to a malformed queen. Thanks
  5. I would of liked to of got it going better, which is why i sent it to Auckland. There was a dump of 200 hives 1.5km from the apiary it came from and the main bush flow up here is not that long at all. It seems a lot of beekeepers move there hives up to the far north now to try and get the flow from the earlier warmer weather, unfortunately all the competition for nectar and pollen has made the quality of hives go markedly down. Hives in areas without Manuka are doing well but with Manuka so widespread up here you can be almost guaranteed there are more hives you just cant see. I see the typical beekeepers Ford Rangers many times a day where-ever i go. Ten years ago it was just me. They are now planting manuka all around Morewera and are saying its going to save the town. That manuka crop will get taken too quicker than a fifty note dropped on the ground
  6. It was two months that i couldnt get there. It was queen right with a strong brood pattern and fresh eggs the night before it left- its this actuality then the quick demise which is what is puzzling to Alistair. None of my other hives from the apiary it came through have any sign of burdensome disease including wax moth
  7. Il ask my friend to confirm there was honey left, he said on the phone there was. Hes overseas for a few more days
  8. Quite possibly, il ask my friend when he returns to look for and photo any honey in there. I agree, robbed frames are often mashy in parts
  9. Haha yes it definitely requires dipping into the well described petty cash account. One of his friends lives across the road so i can also set one up there
  10. Yes it is curious. I have asked him and he did say there was but i have not received a photo on this yet. Hes currently overseas so il ask him to confirm and send more photos when hes back, which i think is in a few days. Let me know if theres anything more you would like a picture of
  11. Thats why i so like forums cheers
  12. Heres the last photo i have at present. Its all ready for your eagle eyes. And thanks for all the information to date, it hasnt dampened my confidence, constructive criticism is a good thing!
  13. Thanks, there was some top info in your post. I have concentrated on this quoted part as this is what left me dumbfounded myself. I checked she was queen right the night before i took her to Auckland. There was a lot of brood and new eggs. I didnt want to look a johnny come lately in front of my friends let alone on the World Wide Web but so be it- something did go wrong and the rabid pace of it is what i couldnt fathom. Hopefully i can post one more photo and then there is not much more i can add until i can get to it/take it to a beeclub which may not be for a while
  14. I use to get good brood frames but there are just so many beehives in the far north now that some hives really struggle to get built up which is why i was trying one in Auckland. Im hoping to get more photos. It was a single box. I see that emergency queen and note your comment about scale so will take a very close look when i get it and keep it in isolation. Thanks
  15. Good to know. I do hope i can get a photo of the hive base where these entrails wouldnt of being exposed to any dew or rain
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