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  1. Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions. We will give it another try.
  2. Hi all. I'm new. My partner and I have 1 hive in suburban garden. Noticed bearding 2 weeks ago - bees clustered around entrance. Figured they were hot and overcrowded. This evening went to have a look, take some honey out and put another super on top of two already there. Tried to take top super off, but very tight and frames from lower box were lifting too when we were trying to lift top box off. Seems lower frames were stuck to top box, I guess that was lots of wax doing it. We didn't have strength or wherewithal to complete the job which I guess was to scrape wax off tops of frames so they dropped back into bottom box. So we just put another super on top and retreated. Would still like to extract some honey. Do we need more people to help us lift while someone scrapes wax off? What do you suggest?
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