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  1. The bees are in the cavity between the wall and jib board. We found one in Auckland World Class Pest Control. We were quoted $140 to remove the bees and guaranteed for nine months only. This is a passive way and see what happens after that
  2. We are unable to find someone in Auckland to help us remove bees. Rentokil asked us to contact Beekeepers as they claimed that bees are not pests. Who at Beekeepers can help us?
  3. That will be a big job as the wall behind where we found the bees were the bathroom. What should we do first? Take out the wall or exterminate the bees
  4. Is there a possibility that bee hives are formed behind the wall? It was found first in December and now February. If that is the case not just exterminate the bees but also to remove the hive
  5. We found bees coming in and out of the ventilating holes of the wall. We used NO WASP spray to kill some of them. They seemed to switch to other holes and one or two were found in the bathroom behind. What can we do to eradicate them forever?
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