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  1. Hi Maja, We have two hobbyist-sized electric extractors - one is the 5-frame Tangential Bottom Drive, and the other is the 6-frame Reversible Tang. Bottom Drive. I'll pop the links to these below - the 5-frame extractor is currently on special too! 5-frame: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/lega-5-frame-tangential-bottom-drive-extractor 6-frame: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/6-fr-lega-rev-elec-tang-btm-drv-extr ^Willow
  2. Hi @Trevor Gillbanks thank you for the warm welcome! ?
  3. Hey @yesbut! Thanks for the question ? Yes we are a member of ApiNZ, and are very active in supporting the wider beekeeping community. Thanks, Ashleigh
  4. Hello! The Ecrotek Team officially has their own account on NZ Beekeepers+ We are here to answer any questions, product queries, provide product information and contribute to beekeeping discussions where possible! We have been in the industry for four years now, but most of the staff at Ecrotek are beekeepers that have grown up around bees, kept bees for years - as well as the odd few who simply love absolutely everything to do with bees! We look forward to answering any questions you may have! Happy Beekeeping!
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