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  1. Considering the amount of precautions you need when mixing I wouldn't have thought it wouldn't be a great idea to lick it, though it's in a solid state and less volatile than when it's a gas. I'd rely more on getting the mix at the correct weight/volume than trusting my tastebuds.
  2. Who would suggest licking a OA/GL staple? It's a bit like Trump saying to inhale disinfectant to cure COVID19.
  3. When I got my mask from Blackwoods the sales person checked and suggested this mask. 3M Multi-Gas Respirator Kit 6259, (A1B1E1K1P2) - NZ Safety Blackwoods 3M Multi-Gas Respirator Kit 6259, (A1B1E1K1P2) - NZ Safety Blackwoods NZSAFETYBLACKWOODS.CO.NZ A 3M Half Face 6000 Respirator and kit that is simple and Lightweight But after all the expense of getting the gear and mistakes of treatment, and taking my mask off too early and burning my bronchial tube, I'm using conventional treatments substituted with OA/GL staples. A lot safer. FYI, I still use the mask when mixing the OA/GL, just in case.
  4. Is it a good idea to put staples in a hive over winter? Some say it's too harsh on your precious winter bees and attracts too much moisture. If it wasn't and issue would you consider reducing the oxalic content of the mix?
  5. Basically, yes. It's the unit used by the manufacturer to describe the thickness of paper.
  6. Correction, 1500um. A bit big with the extra 0 that I originally posted.
  7. @Alastair, I just bought 490 cardboard staples, cut 10 full sheets of board to 400x35 staples. Cost worked out to 16.8 cents per staple, including cutting costs and gst.
  8. Fair call. I was feeling a bit guilty that the CO2 testing kit conversion was a digression from this thread, though I must say this is not the first time a deviation has occurred.
  9. Can you post a photo of the setup so I can see, or a link to the product?
  10. @Sailabee, thank you for the info but you'll need to be more specific on the red shed. Google just gives me restaurants.
  11. Spent an additional $5.27 on a packet of 4mm joiners for a garden sprinkler system and 1m of 4mm vinyl tube. One joiner in the bike nozzle and another joiner in the top of the container, using tube at each end of the joiners as spacers/holders to the lid and nozzle. Haven't used on bees yet but happy with the setup.
  12. At least they can walk away, though with perhaps a limp. Similar with a sugar shake. I suppose that's the advantages of having an exoskeleton.
  13. Was looking at cans of engine start but went to a bike shop instead. Purchased a cheap CO2 tyre pump kit and they gave me a spare tyre valve. Will modify and see how it works on the bees, using a plastic sistema pickle pot.
  14. Can you pre mix/heat OA/GL and store it with ok results? Or is it best to mix and use in the same day?
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