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  1. How did that happen? Sorry, my bad. Thank you Trevor.
  2. Thank you all for your contributions and cheery banter on this topic. I try to love roaches, I really do. Nature's survivors for sure. But... nah. Sorry. I have nightmares about finding them in extracted honey. Maybe I should do a course on them too and find out that they really aren't icchy at all! I'll try the snail bait idea but I am prepared for the inevitable: the cockroaches are gonna win.
  3. Thank you Team. Yes, John B would be a good man to approach and I'll do so at the next Club meeting. RolandO: Somebody will point out to me how to send PM's I'm sure, but how about linking up for knowledge-sharing? Cheers.
  4. Sneaking a peek under the lids of our hives yesterday because it's too cold to open, one of them has numerous cockroaches diving for cover among the frames. Numerous as in maybe five, and ranging from around 5mm to around 12mm. I replaced the lid and came back in half an hour to the same sort of activity. I'd be very surprised if they were the same roaches and that seems to suggest an infestation. Advice please, on whether cockroaches in a hive are BAD and what to do about it. Ought the girls to be dealing to them? If not why not. Thanks.
  5. Due to a recently-occurring event, a few of us beginner keepers in the Valley now find ourselves without the help, guidance, and hive inspections we valued so much. We are seeking to establish a new rapport with another mentor and are looking for direction in doing this. We'd thought that the job would suit a senior or retired keeper with AFB and bee disease credentials and the patience to steer inexperienced individuals down the right path. Recompense and all the tea they can drink will be supplied on site. Thanks, John.
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