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  1. Thanks for the advice. The soil isn't the best unfortunately, a lot of clay I believe. We have had a section on one part top soiled with a lot of compost, ready for planting a vege garden, the other perimeter area is aiming for big climbers, roses, flowers trees etc - we have quite a big retaining wall and fence. We are about 500m or so from an inlet around the corner so nice and sheltered. I will take a look at the forum you have suggested to get a bit of an idea. I am a complete novice as never really had my own little piece of land, but looking forward to learning! I absolutely LOVE alyssum so will absolutely plant them, that's some gold advice thank you.
  2. Thank you GoEd! Your information has been really helpful. We chose that spot specifically to be near the birds and the bees! I was mostly worried that we may have disturbed something nearby, but sounds like that's not the case. We also have a lot of garden bordering our backyard, so far it's just mulched, with the hope of planting a great garden full of natives and bee friendly plants. I would be very keen to hear more about what I can do to create the best environment for them, any advice or direction would be so appreciated (although what you have provided already has been awesome). Thanks again Cece
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