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  1. I agree it looks like the best manual un capper I have seen. It will be good if it can work on uneven comb - particularly when the capping is level with or inside the top and bottom bar. I'll buy one if there is a suitable process. Cheers
  2. Just checked my town hives (Remuera) and all are thriving with new brood, eggs and stores. Drones as well.
  3. Seems to be a very patchy flow this summer in the upper North Island from reading the diary notes here. I took 4 heavy boxes off two city hives (Remuera, Auckland) prior to New Year and now think that may be it for the season. I have other hives at Point Wells, Matakana and there will no honey for the beekeeper there either. Very slim pickings - in fact for the first time I am contemplating feeding if there's no flow through autumn. Most unusual for each of these hive locations. Interested in what others are experiencing in both those areas - and elsewhere.
  4. It's known as "grandfather's axe". Original, had 2 new heads and 3 handles since he bought it...
  5. I think cabbage tree nectar is clear.
  6. Not negative - just bemoaning the paucity of data.
  7. The vital data missing was how many beekeepers actually responded to the survey. Assuming the 97% is correct then the total respondees could be as few as 100 beekeepers (that's about a quarter of the Auckland Beekeepers Club, by the way). The fact there was no survey data detail makes one suspicious as to the level of analysis supporting their contention. Feels like fluff and spin. Lies, damn lies and statistics as Benjamin Disraeli (writer of fiction and British PM) was quoted.
  8. Agree - it's a good solution - either pour it into each side or squirt it in with a plastic drink bottle holding the frame upright. Quick and dirty.
  9. Losing 20% of your frames/potential brood space is a negative for expanding a nuc.
  10. Just fill a ziplock bag with syrup. Place it on top of the frames and make some small cuts in the Baggie and the bees will drain it quickly. If you have some drawn comb that is empty of either brood or nectar then squirt syrup into the frame /comb and replace in the hive.
  11. Try these guys UPS - PBTech.co.nz computer uninterrupted power supplies. Just plug and play. There's a range of prices depending on what the load is likely to be. I can't imagine an incubator will be a large load for a cheaper/smaller UPS @Rob Stockley may have a comment. They also provide surge protection. Snap - with details!
  12. Alternatively go to New Zealand Topographic Map - NZ Topo Map zoom in and pinpoint your spot. In the left column of the page you can toggle between GPS or convert to NZTM coordinates for the spot you have highlighted. APIWEB accepts either GPS or NZTM coordinates from memory.
  13. Ideally there should be room for a queen to lay. Swap in some drawn comb frames if you can.
  14. Are you talking about the biro? :whistle:
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