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  1. So all honey is <36?
  2. Hi There, I was wondering if someone could answer the following question... Manuka DNA Cq <36 is required by MPI to be classed Manuka. Can bush honey have Manuka DNA <36? cheers
  3. Hi there, When it comes to storing honey for potentially long periods of time in 300kg drums. Is room temperature generally ok? Or if you have the option, would it be better stored in temperature controlled rooms? thanks
  4. Hi Guys, got the the results back for those interested. Multi Floral Manuka under MPI regulations. cheers
  5. Hi there, got the following results back after 3 in 1 test..... DHA mg/kg 1430 HMF mg/kg 3.3 MGO mg/kg 223 would you press on and do the 5 in 1 with these results? cheers
  6. Do they successfully work in the South Island? Or is it easier for them to stay warm for winter in the wooden bottom boards? cheers
  7. Thanks for the reply. I understand the science, just curious for some feedback off someone who has personally wintered with them in freezing conditions. cheers
  8. Hi there, can colonies successfully winter with the Hive doctor bottom boards in freezing conditions? 0 to -5 degrees? Or would they get to cold? thanks
  9. Hi everybody, does anyone one have a rule of thumb on how late they make splits in the new year. i know there are a few variables. But, say you are willing to feed them up in Autumn. thanks
  10. That’s my line of thinking too. I mentioned the robbing/disease to this gentleman in Canada who practices the open feeding. he replied the following; robbing: he said he places the barrel 50m away from the apiary, which replicated a nectar flow. He thought feeding each individual hive encourages robbing more so than his method, because it attracts other bees and wasp directly to the hive (especially with spillage), rather than drawing them 50m away to the barrel. Drowning: he said if you compact that barrel with enough straw, no more drown than they do in the feeders inside the hive. disease: from memory his thoughts were diseases couldn’t be transferred through sugar water, and that if there were hives with disease in the area your apiary would be affected either way. I thought his reply’s were interesting enough, even if I didn’t agree with him
  11. Thanks for the reply. what if it was an apiary on a 2000 acre farm, where you were as sure as one can be about all your beehives being disease free. still a terrible idea in your opinion?
  12. Hi there, What is everyone’s thoughts on feeding an apiary of say 50... out of a 200 litre open barrel filled with straw. Has anyone tried this? I see beekeepers do it overseas thanks
  13. Yes they would be capped honey comb frames still in their super.
  14. Hi there, Have a few honey supers with honeycomb frames in, can you store these supers once they are full in a shipping container? Or would it get to hot? thanks in advance
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