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  1. Quentin @ Propolis NZ

    Selling Propolis scrapings

    Hi tommy dave, No we do not provide mats, we are able to process them on a case by case basis should you send us some, but we'd rather deal with scrapings. We are happy to deal with small consignments if you need to get the raw out of your fridge ! Thanks, Quentin
  2. Quentin @ Propolis NZ

    Selling Propolis scrapings

    Hi cBank, thanks for getting in touch. Propolis content really depend on the location of the hives and the species of trees surrounding them. Propolis content ranges generally from 20 to 40% for scrapings, with some extremes on both sides of the range. That's why we test each lot for purity and pay beekeepers on that scientific number rather than a grade. This way we and you know you are paid on the actual propolis content of your lot.
  3. Quentin @ Propolis NZ

    Selling propolis

    If you want a hassle free process, try us ! At Propolis NZ, we pay you on the quantity of pure propolis supplied (we pay 380NZ$/kg), we have a straight forward test process and a very fast turn-around. We are the most experienced propolis processing plant operators in NZ and probably Australasia... Let me know if you have any questions or some material you would like to send us (email info@propolis.co.nz) Looking forward to hearing from you ! Cheers Quentin
  4. Quentin @ Propolis NZ

    Selling Propolis scrapings

    Hey guys, here at Propolis NZ we specialise in processing New-Zealand sourced propolis scrapings. We pay 380 nz$/kg of pure propolis and we pay fast too. Let us know if you have any questions re propolis or some material you'd like to send us, I can arrange the freight if needed ! Cheers, Quentin