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  1. Thanks Maggie, I have had the hives checked by a couple of experienced beekeepers that have taught beginner courses and confirmed that there is no AFB , so our thoughts are that as the hive had swarmed 3 times that the numbers were to low to start with and the new queen was not the best, i had got 2 supers of honey off the hive that died and 5 1/2 supers off the hive that housed the prime swarm and is still going good. I will get some new bees for the dead hive and will keep all equipment separate as i do not want to do a split .I have removed the remaining frames and placed them in the f
  2. Thanks to all for your knowledge and help, I do not believe the hive died of AFB but will get it checked, i had done a ropiness test and i did not see any sunken caps or pupal tounge but as i am a beginner cant rule this out, i am using plastic frames which are a year and a half old, i keep all the equipment for my two hives separate and do not mix them, the exception to this is the one frame of brood which i put from my healthy hive into the weak hive to try and keep it going. i use the recommended varroa treatments ie bayvarol,apivar and use the oxalic acid in between these as an extra trea
  3. I have lost a hive and not sure what to do with the frames so any advice would be great, hive had swarmed twice in october and had been a weaker hive than my rehomed prime swarm. on wintering down i noticed that there was very little bees and very little fresh brood in this hive, tried putting a frame of brood from the 2nd hive but this only delayed things. I had treated both hives with oxalic acid for three weeks in a row last month and could not find signs of AFB but frames have mould on them. can i keep the frames ?
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