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  1. Frazzledfozzle, Im hearing you, studies show it is very controlled and 97% effective according to the studies. Thats pretty positive for any one with allergies in day to day life.Things have come a long way, I work in a nature kindergarten, bees everywhere. Id be silly not to give it a go. With a hive out there, or no hive. Had a few more than one sting over the years too. https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/public/allergy-and-immunology/auckland-dhb-clinical-immunology-and-allergy/immunotherapy-for-insect-venoms-and-environmental/
  2. Dennis , Desensitisation programmes are . suppose to be very effective. I hear you, i only have 2 hives and i wont take things lightly. In a way desensitisation might make me more safe than any random person who out of the blue develops an allergy and is knocked for 6..it could happen to any of us. BYW golf is soooooo boooring
  3. Thank you...Big question...Can anyone recommend the most stingless suit ever? Im keen to epipen up and take care , as well as look at desensitisation :)
  4. Thanks Chris, That sounds pretty promising on your part. Maybe Ive had too many sings to soon and things could even out. Im definitely going to be careful and will check with my doc. My 2 hives are here at home, might have to look at repositioning on the neighbours farm. Meanwhile Im due a proper inspection of the big hive. I might see if any beekeepers would be keen if I paid them to check in the interim. ?
  5. I think it was a wet rained on bee washed into the grass from a downpour not far from the hive. I thought I read somewhere that if you are a registered beekeeper you get 2 Epipens for the price of one, but I cant find the article. It seems there are no allergic beekeepers on this site Maybe its a sign dammit!
  6. Ummm I wasn't officially beekeeping, just wandering (earthing lol) via the hive from a kind-of distance
  7. A couple of nights back i got a sting on my toe, which resulted in a rather different reaction that I have experienced before. I instantly took an antihistamine but within minutes I developed itchy hands and hives spread all over my torso, then to my limbs turning red by the time we got to the emergency doctors. I was awaiting other symptoms (after reading what can happen) and developed a very slight wheeze as we arrived. They observed me, but nothing more happened and I was sent home. I have had quite a few stings (maybe 7-9) in the year (bad to admit, but Im loved checking on them) and i have had some large local reactions. Now Im about to make a doctors follow up appointment and go from there. Im relieved Im ok, but gutted and grieving for finding a passion that I love so much -and maybe have to give up! Anyone else in my situation or advise? What decision was made do they still keep bees and do desensitisation etc?
  8. I know this is an old thread, but I think i read somewhere that if you are a NZ registered Beekeeper you get 2 epipens for the price of one. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this?
  9. This will be exciting to see and useful! Im guessing we have our own artwork profile pictures in common, pencils are my only ability
  10. Thank you Trevor, Ive been to a meeting just recently with the beekeepers club here (New at Bee keeping) Didn't really know and thought I could do that to the extractor guy, i will source now/who to pay for membership.
  11. Hi, do any bee keepers in the Taranaki area know the phone number for the Bee keeping clubs honey extractor hire. I cant seem to find a number anywhere and need to get my honey super off asap. Thank you
  12. Mine were all over the neighbours Chinese lanterns and hollyhocks today.
  13. I wonder how long it would take for to know if shes laying in the new frames i put in on Sunday, because they were wets they would have been cleaned by the bees by now no doubt. Time is a ticking. How I wish I had a 2nd hive!
  14. Thank you John, that has been helpful. I can only hope she is ok. My new queen was sighted a few days ago but since then I had to put some frames of freshly drawn out comb in there for her. I have heard bees act differently at a queen-less entrance and because I am waiting in anticipation to see if everything is ok Ive been observing and noticed there are a few more walking around and some with their wings out, don't know if the holding the wings out theory is one to go on tho.
  15. I have just been in to add more built foundation to my very busy hive. This went into the middle of the bottom brood box as it is apparent they had requeened due to the previous queen dieing and in that time left absolutely no where for the new queen to lay. My fear is, as I have no brood just yet, that I possibly might have damaged the new queen in the whole process of sorting the hive . It's been pretty full on with inspections in the past week to access then attempt to fix the problem.. She was trying to lay into frames of pollen. Is there any effective way to tell if a hive is queenless early without disturbing the hive? Thank you
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