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  1. Mmm... the question I should have asked is has the number of hives they have grown? Was also at an Apata Organic open day a few months ago as well. One of the orchard managers said three years ago there was a shortage of hives and he couldn't get enough... now he has beeks coming to him begging him to find a space for their hives. Is Comvita muscling in to the pollination do and pushing out the family operated beeks? The word is kiwifruit destroys the hives, figures of up to 60% bee loss have been flung around and are not up to doing much after coming out so Comvita's 'plans' for the spare / surplus hives is anybodies guess. Likewise the stories of truckloads of hives from Taranaki and Northland coming here to BoP for kiwifruit pollination... 2000 may be small change but in the long term, even though orchard numbers are growing and thus demand will also grow, it's the smaller operators that will be pushed out.
  2. I was on a Kiwifruit Industry Comvita tour a few months back. The lady taking the tour said that they have '2,000 spare hives' and were using them for the kiwifruit pollination this season. Out of a total of 42,000 hives! I'm new to this game but that is a lot of spare hives to have laying around?!
  3. Has anyone ever seen what appears to be a bee having a munch on a dead bee before? A wasp had been hanging around and got a couple of young 'uns and then this happened... My Movie.mp4
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