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  1. Big chunks in with the Sunday Roast... beetroot chutney... sliced and preserved for homemade burger... The Wife found a soup recipe that I think I will give a miss! They seem to keep perfectly in the ground, not going 'woody', so there they will be for a long while yet.
  2. While we were disappointed with this seasons pumpkin crop, the beetroot's have more than made up for it! More than a dozen of the things, slowly eating our way through them...
  3. Yup, sure did. Early pickings for us here as well, but the vines were in a very sorry state even though I watered twice a day. We've had many days of temps in the 30's which I've not seen before, and they were in quite a sun trap. I did however this year have them trailed over a trellis front and back, got so bushy I had to trim the leaves and offshoots which I think the plants didn't like! Anyways, out with the old and in with the beans, leeks, onions and carrots. Bit early but what the heck... Early days photo (2nd Dec) but you get the drift. The vines went all the way along and through the wire fence. The small front trellis was to stop them taking over our grass and to keep it tidy. Don't think I'll use it next year.
  4. Been a tough season, from a slow to get going cold to hot and dry to hotter and drier... Nine small pumpkins, largest is 23cm across and come in at 4.6kg, not the best of crops but enough to get us through. And no square ones, so some alterations are needed to the cunning plan.
  5. Not seen the movie, but The Wife found the article on the beeb, a wonderful story of a tough but wholesome life in Macedonia, being at one with the girls for century's and then dealing in modern times with the interlopers boundary riding. A story all too familiar to the modern commercial NZ beek. A must see it looks like, some popcorn and a box of tissues, (or a pineapple lumps and wine in my case) sit down and enjoy the ride... https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51401315
  6. It's only 24 at the moment. Have had to dig out my old fleece to keep me warm. The Wife said Te Puke is on total water ban, including irrigation which must hurt the kiwifruit and others. WBOP are talking about the same for us at the top end of the bay. Keep talking I say!
  7. For the discerning beekeeper, a stunning piece of Arataki memorabilia. 'Arataki Pathway, Vintage Beehive Assemblage' can be yours, or a fantastic gift for a loved one all for the very reasonable price of $1,900.00. As seen in a local gallery, all I can say is I'm glad somebody is making some money in the beekeeping industry! Now... where are those unused supers I had lying around...
  8. Early days yet... once they get going, they sure get going. Ours seem to grow six inches overnight, as long as I remember to water them!
  9. Drive around the BoP and boy there are a lot of new avo plantings, I hope for their sake that there will be a market for them as if supply goes up but demand doesn't, the price will only come down. Look what happened to honey!
  10. Athenree, near Waihi Beach. Dry as a bone... Today's dribble looks like it'll pass us by. Now that we are on water meters the veges are getting expensive!
  11. Please, send the rain this way... at the top end of the fabulous Bay of Plenty we have had zilch rain. Today... can't see the Kaimai's... can't see Katikati.... The Mount... gone, but here in the lonely top of the bay, nothing but sunshine, glorious sunshine and wilting veges... though the Pohutukawas' are loving it!
  12. And in my ignorance my first thought was somebody need to do the laundry!
  13. First of the Pohutukawa's in full bloom. May not be the best of honeys but it sure is keeping the girls busy!
  14. I am dumbfounded and confused by all this talk of low prices. Earlier this year my tutor on my course said we will get 50 - 80 kgs of honey per hive and sell it for $20 per kg. Boy, did my fellow students eyes pop out of their heads when they tried to calculate the riches. The tutor actively encouraged us all to go to the bank to borrow heavily and go into business ourselves. I did query the honey prices but he was adamant. And he wasn't talking about Manuka. Think I'll stick to my two hives for now.
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