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  1. For the discerning beekeeper, a stunning piece of Arataki memorabilia. 'Arataki Pathway, Vintage Beehive Assemblage' can be yours, or a fantastic gift for a loved one all for the very reasonable price of $1,900.00. As seen in a local gallery, all I can say is I'm glad somebody is making some money in the beekeeping industry! Now... where are those unused supers I had lying around...
  2. Early days yet... once they get going, they sure get going. Ours seem to grow six inches overnight, as long as I remember to water them!
  3. Drive around the BoP and boy there are a lot of new avo plantings, I hope for their sake that there will be a market for them as if supply goes up but demand doesn't, the price will only come down. Look what happened to honey!
  4. Athenree, near Waihi Beach. Dry as a bone... Today's dribble looks like it'll pass us by. Now that we are on water meters the veges are getting expensive!
  5. Please, send the rain this way... at the top end of the fabulous Bay of Plenty we have had zilch rain. Today... can't see the Kaimai's... can't see Katikati.... The Mount... gone, but here in the lonely top of the bay, nothing but sunshine, glorious sunshine and wilting veges... though the Pohutukawas' are loving it!
  6. And in my ignorance my first thought was somebody need to do the laundry!
  7. First of the Pohutukawa's in full bloom. May not be the best of honeys but it sure is keeping the girls busy!
  8. I am dumbfounded and confused by all this talk of low prices. Earlier this year my tutor on my course said we will get 50 - 80 kgs of honey per hive and sell it for $20 per kg. Boy, did my fellow students eyes pop out of their heads when they tried to calculate the riches. The tutor actively encouraged us all to go to the bank to borrow heavily and go into business ourselves. I did query the honey prices but he was adamant. And he wasn't talking about Manuka. Think I'll stick to my two hives for now.
  9. A year ago on a kiwifruit tour of Comvita they stated they had 42,000 hives, 2,000 of which were to be used for kiwi pollination. Having re-read the article, as mentioned by @olbe, it does seem more like an add for Comvita rather than a state of the nation for beekeeping. They may want to be the kings of Manuka, but boy, it's sure costing them $$. They do seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket which from a business perspective is very risky, especially when by all the murmurings out there, the current business model has left them in a bit of a pickle. Good luck to them though, as with luck those out there who are also in Manuka can cling to their shirt tails. All other honey types... well... hmmm...
  10. Two tiered honey industry apparently... Nothing new that those in the business don't already know, but great to get it out in the public domain that beekeepers don't all drive Ferrari's and fly helicopters. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/116984265/mnuka-plantations-to-replace-wild-capture-as-honey-sector-faces-twospeed-market?cid=app-android
  11. Your seed hasn't ... oh, pumpkin seed... for a moment there i thought you were on another track! Patience and perseverance Good luck....
  12. A DOC 200, strong steel spring trap that squashes them and kills them very fast. We put dried rabbit meat in as a bait an also a Diphacinone block that is a rat poison. Or, a couple of Diphacinone blocks in a Philproof bait station. We use both on DOC land approved by DOC and with their permission. Goodnature A24's do a fine job as they don't need emptying or regular checking. Cost more though!
  13. We like them, but haven't grown any other types so can't compare them. It's a McGregor's Whangaparaoa Crown "Probably the most popular variety in NZ" according to their own blurb! Feels like we are way behind this year, but they do grow quickly in these parts so guess we'll catch up...
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