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  1. Saw the date, just missed the year! ??? My bad! ?
  2. Great Info. Thanks @yesbut Also thanks @Beefriendly for your contributions
  3. Ok. Why do you say that? Sorry - i am relatively new to beekeeping and am keen to learn. Thanks
  4. ok. Thanks for your help @Beefriendly Do you agree that it will be all good? Thanks
  5. Hello Chris, Did you get this sorted?
  6. Thanks for your response @DeeGeeBee and @Beefriendly We have just split this hive about 5 days ago, and it is in a single Brood Box at present, with a top feeder on. Was quite strong before split, and did have a bit of honey on it. This hive doesn't have a queen, but has a couple of established queen cells about to hatch. (took the queen out when we did the split). Will have another look in the next couple of days and let you know about space, but when we split seemed ok. Is there anything you would recommend I do? or would you just suggest they are just bearding, and all good?
  7. Hello, Have noticed my bees are clustering at the front of the hive like in the attached photos. Could somebody please advise what i should do, or whether this is just fine. Thanks
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