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  1. Really sad seeing fake news recorded in their minutes.... According to the AFB presentation at the last Rotorua conference each of the beekeepers who were asked to destroy used beekeeping equipment had unacceptable levels of Afb not because they got confused between Afb and PMS, but because they decided not to comply with their DECA requirements and the AFB PMP. The affected beekeepers and no one else were to blame on the level of Afb in their hives! I you comply with your DECA there is no way someone will inspect your hives and find >10% of your hives Afb infected. From memory all 3 affected beekeepers mentioned at the conference had above 30% Afb and one above 50% Afb
  2. The question is: is it acceptable (or even legal under the afb pmp) to allow this beekeeper to use any of these supers on healthy hives next season? This is likely one of the reasons why he got to 30% afb already.... Reading the afb order in council it appears that burning contaminated and potentially contaminated appliances is actually a requirement under section 28 (1), 29 (1) and 31(1) Of course if I am the affected beekeeper I won't want to believe that all my boxes are suspected of being contaminated..... , but the prevalence of afb in my operation would speak louder!
  3. I struggle to believe that some beekeepers may believe that management agency would be a thread to average Joe beekeeper. From what I have seen they are dealing with the worst offenders..... If someone is found with 30% afb in the Autumn after he extracted honey and with no traceability in place. How can you identify the 70% stickies that came from healthy hives now that they are on storage in the shed mixed up with contaminated boxes?
  4. If multiple cases of Afb were reported in Riwaka the heat map (red or yellow) was going to cover that area. I suspect a lot of AFB goes unreported by some DECA holders in clear breach of their DECA.....
  5. On 5/14/2020 at 9:24 PM, kaihoka said: OA is not set and forget option and any issues I have had with strips have been my mismanagement and lack of attention at a critical time . I am going to have a through look through my hives tomorrow . I have just learnt that the beek who has had hives on my place had to burn 150 hives because of AFB. I am hoping this happened in the motueka area after he moved his lot to mine . It is a tragedy for him, it was his breeders . 3 ,yrs ago his breeders were wiped out by floods . The Riwaka area is a real hot spot for AFB now . Kaihoka are you sure about this? The AFB maps below does not show Riwaka as an AFB hotspot...... Perhaps the affected beekeeper forgot to report the AFB found to the AFB Management Agency....
  6. If you are an AP2 and you ask to adopt abandoned gear you were asked to inspect as part of your AP2 role. You would be using privileged information for personal gain..... Therefore, good on the AP1 who stopped you from doing so.
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