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  1. Sorry Kevin so many years since i worked on those motors I don't know what the gap should be, I do know it matters. Just, because it gets worse with the air filter on it suggests more a fuel issue than an electric issue, but, you never know. Got to be someone else on the site who knows more?
  2. Agreed Gino, but people are gullible. I used to think thgat the travelleing snake oil salesmen that worked shows in the USA a century ago showed how dum people were then, but they are just as dum now. All the same, eating healthy, or not eating healthy, can be pretty important. I haven't been able to crack the supermarket level yet. Which may not be a bad thing because I am too small to guarantee ongoing supply. My sellers are dairies, markets, hobby beekeepers who sell more than they produce, a florist, and some vege markets. I am sure most of them are now closed down but I think one of the vege places is open. BTW for small level sales a florist is a good option. Being a florist is quite stressful because the shelf life is very short and a bad buying decision, or just plain bad luck, can mean they chuck out a lot of flowers and cost them a lot of money. But honey with it's long shelf life, if attractively packaged, looks good on the shelf, the florist can put it there and forget about it, and people see it and buy it. Easy money for the florist.
  3. Wow that looks pretty smart Kevin! 🙂 Re the motor stalling, since it's happening when you put the air filter on is there a blockage in the air filter, ie when it was off did it get water in the sponge or something? So easiest place to start is give the air filter a wash in petrol and re oil if it's one of those ones then see if that works. After that, play with the air / fuel mix screw. That's the quick and easy stuff but if none of that works, a lot of those engines have pretty basic carby's now and they get a bit of water in and you get oxidation around the jets or in some other places, even where the rubber gasket goes that has a flapper type thing for feeding petrol through. In that case the carby has to be totally stripped and immaculately cleaned, probably need a new gasket and see how that works.
  4. Kevin I can't answer that, me, I only have one type, bush honey, so not able to compare with my own numbers. But i eyeball the honey section each time I'm in a supermarket, and noticed the clover seems to have plenty in stock where the other types have empty spaces on the shelves. My thought on that is that clover is percieved as a run of the mill honey while some other types are percieved as having health benefits. That's my theory, could be totally wrong though. At this time, if you look at Facebook or other internet sources there is a lot of advice being bandied around about eat this or eat that, cos it will supposedly boost your immune system, or whatever. Probably nearly all this information is bogus, however there is a definate public interest in trying to eat healthy stuff.
  5. I'm thinking that honeys that supposedly have curative properties may do well at this time. I base that on my own sales, my bush honey which has a label that makes it look like a wild, natural type product, has been majorly outselling the other honeys on the shelf according to the retailers. But go back a month and more and it was just level pegging. A retailer told me it's especially going to Asians and he has seen people walking out with up to 4 jars at a time. Although the current financial climate is bad generally, it could be good times for products seen as healthy.
  6. Maybe. Not sure why he would want to bother with all that though, he was just here to ask a question. . How was it ID'ed as fly spray, ie, which chemicals. Be aware that the active ingredients in fly sprays are commonly used insectides, mostly synthetic pyrethroids. Something else to ponder, a few years back when wax was being tested, lots of samples showed Tau Fluvenate, even though the beekeeper had never used apistan. It was a great mystery how this could have happened. Turned out to be contamination when the purchaser had re rendered it in a tank previously used for someone elses wax.
  7. I noticed the slow downward trend i was seeing in the local supermarket came to an end maybe a couple of months ago, and since then prices are up a tad for most brands. My own honey has sold like hotcakes in the frenzy leading up to the shut down, I'm just hoping people actually eat it, so there will still be some customers on the other side.
  8. Hi, the male wool carder bees select a particular plant which they gaurd from all other pollinators except visiting females which they attempt to mate with. So if you wanted to get rid of them no trapping would be needed, you would just have to fly spray the particular male wool carder bee. However in the greater scheme of things wool carder bees have no profound effect on honeybee populations. I enjoy watching them, I have seen them pounce of visiting honeybees but the honeybee has been unhurt and just moves on. Could you post a pic? I am wondering if what you are seeing is German or European wasps? Wool Carder Bee . . German Wasp
  9. Just been called by a very concerned landowner to tell me that wasps are swarmimg the hives, from his description it sounded pretty bad. I do not have entrance gaurds on because up to recently it's been too hot. Commercial beekeepers are allowed to visit their bees if it's a livestock welfare issue, but I was hoping not to have to use that. But looks like I'll be out for a day putting gaurds on that site and others nearby, I'll be taking vespex with me also.
  10. Well in that case you are good, Randy Oliver has recommended 18 grams per box, so at 20 grams you are pretty close to his recommendation. Here in NZ the traditional staples have more than that. Wether it's all necessary, don't know.
  11. Nice work Katipo. Only possible problem is you are using quite a bit less acid than most other people are using, but please update in due course it will be very interesting to see how it works. 🙂 Also, would be interesting to do a mite count now and another later, or at the least, assess the brood to see if there is any pms now and again later. 👍
  12. Chris before you do, just be sure to change the default GPS coordinate type that Google Earth use, as described in my post higher up this page. You just do that once and you are good to go. To find the apiary coordinates i just open Google Earth, enter the address and hit SEARCH. GE then zooms to that property, then me, I may zoom in a bit more to the photo so the mouse can accurately be put where the hives are, and coordinates show at the bottom of the page.
  13. Check South Korea. Had a very fast moving initial outbreak but have handled it like pros. A model for the rest of the world.
  14. Just use Google Earth. 😉 When i switched to it, I was getting the job done in probably a tenth of the time, and still feeling unstressed by the end of it.
  15. At this stage, the old and infirm with corona are getting preferential treatment in our hospitals, everything they need laid on. It is just if a situation develops where the system is overwhelmed and not enough equipment to go around, hard choices will have to be made. The government is trying to avoid this situation, but it could happen.
  16. Yes you can do all that Brandonclan. As a food producer you are an essential service and are exempt. However there are protocols you must follow in the course of your business such as carrying hand sanitiser in your vehicle, only have one person in your vehicle, social distancing, and a bunch of others.
  17. It's amazing how many queens some people can kill and be unaware.
  18. Yes, it can be deceptive. Green stuff comes up through that brown stuff and you forget it's there. But on a warm day it dries, you drop a spark in it and woosh!!
  19. Goran were those flower buds before or after the snow? Yes read that in the paper today, Trump is worried about the economy and has said "the cure must not be worse than the disease". A lot of his supporters are of the same opinion. All the same there is some logic to it. If the disease runs rampant, a bunch of people will die, the rest will be immune, and that country could be better off than China, where hardly anyone is immune and there could be more waves of disease for years. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Interestingly, on a psycopath test, a psycopath would opt for what he sees as the most practicle option, being get it done, lose some people, but we come out the other end with less economic damage. A non psycopath would have empathy for potential victims and be more likely to take the approach which would save more lives, even if it meant greater cost to the economy. Other thing i saw in todays paper (NZ Herald), was a picture of Gun City, with massive cues of people outside, all wanting to buy guns. 😮 😲. The owner was so intimidated he called the Police but they just told him to ask people to leave. But he tried that and the crowd got angry.
  20. They are not game to argue with a feisty South American lady? 😄
  21. Yes agree on poachers. Some of them got no respect for property or other people at all. Some of them think they are modern day Rambo's.
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