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  1. Are you able to post a video of the activity at the front door?
  2. Why post about it? Your complaint should be pm'ed to the site owner, since he is the only one who can change the pic. If he so wishes.
  3. I have a friend looking for a swarm, just one. He is North Shore and would be extremely happy to drive over and collect. You can see my phone number in my profile, if you can call me we can exchange details, and if / when you have a swarm available let him know .
  4. That's exactly what I paid for my first queen, right after the new money came in, I bought a queen from Whites for $0.75. This was funded from my pocket money, $0.20 a week. In my childish ignorance I had only put a 4 cent stamp on the envelope when an 8 cent one was needed, so instead of the queen I got an indignant letter from Whites saying they had been required to pay the extra postage and they now wanted that, the cost of sending the letter to me, and of course I had to pay for a second lot of postage to send that to them . Anyhow in due course after that my queen
  5. LOL, there were some good ads way back. Can't remember the name, but there was another guy used to put a pic of his face on a queen bee. Caused a bit of mockery but his own view was all publicity is good publicity.
  6. Yes that could work also. You can only do what you can do . Putting 2 normal hives side by side is not a problem. It just may be an issue if one of them is a queenless split from the other one and you are wanting to get a queen mated. But if as above, you turn one 180 degrees that may help, turn the queenright one. Moving the split somewhere else entirely is the ideal, it eliminates drift and also the chance of robbing by the parent hive. However for a newby, moving hives can be a mission, just do what you are comfortable with.
  7. 86 out of 90 is excellent work Paul well done!
  8. Yikes, reminds me of working bees on those freezing cold South Island early spring days. Worst of all when it also decided to rain, or sleet . Only good part was getting back into the truck (which did not have a heater), and waiting for a little warmth to seep through the firewall from the engine bay .
  9. Worked a site thismorning that has a bit of manuka scattered around but has never got much of it before, thinking they might need a feed but no, dripping with new manuka coming in. Strong and bitter tasting, the good stuff. And an incredible bee line running the best part of a km to where the manuka stand is. Doubt it will amount to anything I can harvest, but may bode well for some of my other sites .
  10. And that would have been a fair conclusion. With such hives there is a method to follow. Adding brood is a high risk thing to do because the bees will not be able to care for it. Adding brood with bees may work but bear in mind the brood will have the queen substance of the other queen all over it and risk the introduced bees will see the other queen as an outsider and kill her is higher. So just adding bees is the safest plan, the bees should be left queenless for a minimum of 2 hours first, and then heavily smoked immediately before dumping into the hive which helps.
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