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  1. Yes i looked at some older Mahindras when I was at the repair place and rust is definately an issue. So mine has been galvanised, an extra cost but i think will be worth it. I asked on the SA forum about rust, didn't get one person respond with a problem. Different climate over there.
  2. It probably won't. But it doesn't have to. On a cost basis that would be like saying if a Landcruiser does one and a half million, I'll be a believer. However I'm on a South African Mahindra forum cos there's a few of them over there. There are quite a few over there driving around with 300,000 + on them, and some of those owners have done nothing other than regular servicing. One is a concrete guy who bought his new and tows a trailer he said the trailer is always on, he'll have up to a ton on the ute and usually a ton plus on the trailer and he is over 300,000 with it now. Honestly, prestige, no. Suits me, I don't want my land owners seeing me arrive in a $100,000 vehicle they will probably get demanding. I need to look modest. But financially I do think the Mahindras are a good investment.
  3. Really! COF's every 6 months? I just assumed everything would have gone out to 12 months. What a pain! And since we are in the truck thread got to share a wee giggle i had a few days ago, one of my site owners is an incredibly wealthy guy with properties and other business investments all over Auckland. Around 5 years ago when I first showed up in the Mahindra i was a little surprised how blunt and in my face he was, it's "bxxxxy ugly" he said, and "it will probably be good for 2 or 3 years". I could tell by the glazed look in his eyes and the head shaking that he thought i was little less than crazy for buying it. Every time i see him since then he comes up with a smile and "how's the truck going?", anticipating to hear the worst. Few days ago he greeted me with "how's the Mahindra going?". "Sweet" i said. "5 years and 124,000" on it now. I could see he was ticked, gave me a warm glow the rest of the day. 😄
  4. They are getting picky now cos the new, overly safety conscious government has outed a bunch of places being a little sloppy with WOF's and the penalties are HUGE. If you do WOF's or COF's you got to be letter of the law, or your life might be changed, in a bad way. One good thing, only have to do it once a year not every 6 months which was ridiculous especially if you have several vehicles to worry about. Although that change was brought in under the previous government. But most other countries don't even have it that often, Japan do theirs once every 3 years.
  5. Course i'm just a beginner at this, but M4tt i don't think there is a lot of bee traffic over those strips, me, I'd feel better with them moved in a bit. Others more knowledgeable than i may comment with better info though.
  6. The thinking was not deep, because you said QUOTE - "maybe its the colour of the honey or a spelling mistake". You know very well that was not the issue and I assume your comment was tongue in cheek. So my comment was also tongue in cheek. Regarding vigilantism. Yes. Not sure if you have followed, but there has been a regular stream of AFB infected gear, nucs, and hives, advertised on TM over the last several years. Often those ads will ring alarm bells in one way or another, and there have been cases where thanks to the vigilantism of members of this site, the gear has been checked and found to be infected. The worst thing about some of these cases is that the vendor was aware, or at the least, had suspicions, that what he was selling had AFB. Most of this stuff is sold to nubies who know little. Selling AFB infected stuff to them is appalling, as it not only costs the new beekeeper plenty and can be devastating emotionally, but if they do not recognise the disease it can end up infecting multiple other beekeepers. All so that the vendor can get a few bucks which will be a fraction of the damage done. So this is why there are vigilanties here, they have given good service, and i for one, am in support. If you were one of the brand new beekeepers who had been helped by this, you may have a different appreciation. Saying all this to explain the position, hope you understand.
  7. The instructions I've been given is that an 8 week treatment period is needed, but the strips only last about 4 weeks. So you replace at 4 weeks with new ones. That's unless I misunderstood?
  8. Yes as per M4tt, there was the first round of staples placed around 8 weeks ago, and they were removed around 4 weeks ago and replaced with new ones, which I started removing today. If i do any alcohol washes I'll report back.
  9. They haven't been chewed out much, I want the bees to get their nests back together how they want them. I think the varroa are dealt to, in all the drone brood that got broken apart today I did not see one varroa. So, leaving the strips in is unnecessary.
  10. First day out today removing the second 4 week strips and the spotty brood appears to have pretty much sorted itself out. The spotty brood was first apparent when I was removing the first 4 weekly round of strips and placing the second round, and of several hundred hives the majority had it, but the bayvaroled hives were fine. Anyhow today, 4 weeks later, all good.
  11. If the larva died it will be white mush and won't rattle in the cell. If the lava is alive and close to hatching it will rattle and you can feel and hear that. Course, you got to be careful how hard you rattle it. 😉
  12. Yes. When I've got spare cells that i can't use i sometimes open them for a look, I have found varroa inside several times. According to the internet, varroa do not go into queen cells. But the internet is incorrect on this occasion. 😉
  13. Yes, if hives improve over time with exposure to OA, that might also favour the idea of a beneficial effect on pathogen levels. It would be interesting to see statistically, if there is an effect on AFB infestations. Course such a study would have to be done across thousands of hives, or more probably, tens of thousands.
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