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  1. beehive price tracking

    The next focus should be on promoting some other honeys. Kanuka has a lot going for it, and beech dew is pretty unique. To name a couple. NZ already has a good name in the world honey market, golden opportunity to develop more honeys than just manuka. In Canada the commercial beekeepers are getting in some cases less than $2 per pound for good quality honey. That's were we could end up if we do not continue to innovate.
  2. beehive price tracking

    Thinking some more about it, probably most of us knew this day was coming. There's a lot of hives out there and a lot of new beekeepers, who now can't get the honey prices they thought they were going to get. Could be a shake out over the next few years and a depression in hive prices, with bees selling for little more than the cost of making them. I could be wrong but I see it as a possible outcome.
  3. beehive price tracking

    Not so sure about that. Right now I am advertising some nice tidy 2 box hives on TM for $600 apiece, can do up to 200 hives although I didn't state quantity. Very little interest so far but 2 or 3 years ago the phone would have been ringing off the hook. Here's the link https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1534786835 I'm very suprised at Tommy's link showing 3 box hives selling at $300, not long ago people were paying more than that for a nuc. Time for me to stop selling bees and focus on honey I think.
  4. NZBF How much honey do I harvest?

    What matters is that the bees are left with enough feed to get them through winter and early spring. However honey removed can be replaced with sugar syrup, so you can actually take all the honey if you wish, long as it is replaced. As to amount needed, I'm guessing you intend to winter the hive in 2 brood boxes? If so, you want the top brood box around 3/4 full of honey or sugar syrup. Although this does vary, one winter I had some hives at my house in the suburbs, and over winter they continued to collect nectar, the hives became so honeybound I pulled some frames mid winter and extracted them then put them straight back in, just to make some room.
  5. Organic beekeepers required

    OK, trying to stay out of the thread, but it would appear that even after this thread, Earthbound have not changed their ways, and are still trying to say although they are not certified, they are still organic. They are not. Their affidavit, which could only have been obtained by deceiving someone, and their other double speak, is evidence they are now intentionally working to conceal the truth. I really do not want to continue in this thread, unless further untruths are stated in it. I would suggest anyone who Earthbound is trying to mislead, such as that organic shop, be referred to me direct. My contact details can be supplied via pm, and for those who cannot pm, perhaps a moderator could supply my email. I also wonder if some organic shops may turn a blind eye, and prefer not to know. They are making money, why kill the goose. Hardly ethical though.
  6. Organic beekeepers required

    I'll take the hint, guess I should leave it at that. However BlakeyJ if you take this any further I'd be interested to hear if anything happens. If nothing happens, then to me, the organic industry in NZ generally, lacks any cred.
  7. Organic beekeepers required

    I know. I've been worried about that. I say bad stuff, it rubs off, and I look like the bad guy. Yes I'm aware. However it is by operating out of the spotlight, that has empowered them to do this. Now they are known it may give them incentive to change. At first they were struggling but now they are established and financially secure. They no longer need to rip people off to get enough money to survive. I'm pretty sure they could go legit and still do OK. Just drop the organic claim and a few other false claims, and charge whatever the new going rate is. Stop rubbishing other beekeepers. Perhaps as they read this thread and consider, they may decide to do that. They will not be happy with me. But heck, why do I need friends like that?
  8. Organic beekeepers required

    I have spoken to them privately, no joy.
  9. Organic beekeepers required

    Bottom line regardless if a hive is in NZ, if it has synthetic chemicals put in it 6 monthly it is not organic. Then there is the issue of negative advertising against other beekeepers. By putting the word out that other beekeepers put chemicals in their hives, other beekeepers put sugar in their hives, other beekeepers heat their honey, when the truth, is Earthbound does all those things. I guess it bothers me in particular because I put so much time into helping them get set up. I was lied to, and used. They still have the queen breeding equipment I loaned them 3 years ago when I was teaching them to breed queens, despite many requests for them to return it no joy, pretty sure I'll never see it again. Basically these guys are not just morally bankrupt, but they suck in every way. Yet they present themselves as the ultimate beekeepers, and are happy to rubbish other beekeepers.
  10. Organic beekeepers required

    I think I take your meaning Phil, but mate, these guys need to sort their crap. At the moment they are making illegal claims and stealing peoples money and ultimately likely to bring beekeeping in general into disrepute. And finding pics of my own hives on their site probably doesn't bother anyone else but I find the whole thing around that personally offensive, including the underhand way they went about getting the pics and yes, there are more than one of them.
  11. Organic beekeepers required

    Why am I not surprised
  12. Organic beekeepers required

    Oh, you are right. I still can't find it though, strange. I had thought perhaps the questions you emailed them had scared them into removing some of the more blatant deceptive material, but apparently not.
  13. Organic beekeepers required

    I just took a look through their photos and couldn't find it, the green "100% organic naturally produced" logo is still there, but the more official looking one that includes the word certified, I couldn't find it, pretty sure it's gone. Got a rude surprise though, scrolled through more of their pics than I have before, and then Woah - What The!!! There's a pic of MY hives, presented like it's THEIR hives. I actually remember this pic being taken a few years back but had no idea they were going to put it on their web site. Didn't even know they had a web site at that time. He actually had the gall to ask me to back my truck up so he could "get a better picture" which in hindsight obviously meant put his truck in the picture. I thought little of it at the time so did so. You can just see the nose and bullbars of my truck on the left of the pic, and their truck featured about middle of the pic. Guess they wanted to feature my well cared for hives, rather than their own motley collection.
  14. Apivar strips

    Just from a practical point of view, when it's treatment time which for me is just about to start, I'll often end the day with an opened pack, or sometimes several opened packs if I scewed up. They sit in the truck and get used the next day, or if it's raining a few days they'll sit for a few days. I still use them, never had an issue.
  15. Apivar strips

    I would like to see a 20 or 50 strip per pack option, for people with more than a 1/2 dozen hives. It does get painful messing with all that packaging. Not to mention the waste.