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  1. Just shows even a beginner can do it. Well done Hayden, if everyone was as good as you we would likely have eliminated AFB from New Zealand.
  2. Interesting Mummzie, when I first came to Auckland i developed a major allergy to not all propolis, but just one particular kind. I usually had propolis on my fingers 24/7, but if i got the smallest bit of this one not very common kind, my nose would itch, felt like i had inhaled pepper, and I'd have constant sneezing. However, for whatever reason, this too went away over time, i am grateful for small mercies. 🙂
  3. Good luck with it Chris. When i got my first hive as a kid, it was one of those super aggro AMM's that are pretty much extinct now. One of the first things i did was get it riled up and they gave me a real pasting, I ripped of my veil and shirt cos they were inside both of those, bad mistake. Anyhow I sat in the bath pulling out whatever stings i could find, those plus lumps where a sting had been, totalled 64. I did have symptoms of anaphilaxis, and i was unwell and sore all over for a couple of days. We were advised that this might bring on more severe reactions in the future, but luckily, it didn't. Could have been the end of my beekeeping career before it even began. 😳
  4. Thanks Paul, and that gives opportunity for my next question. Was this old beekeeper a commercial who was regularly stung, or was he a keeper of just few hives and he always wore veil and gloves and was rarely stung? That's what I'm wondering, could some of these stories relate to people who like in Michael's video, were exposed to bee proteins, but not actually stung enough.
  5. My guess, the amount you get in the first 2 - 3 seconds should be enough. On this subject, a general question. - We have probably all heard the story of a beekeeper who had been keeping bees for years, then suddenly developed an allergy. But I've never actually found out who it is, or personally met someone in this situation. Is the story true?
  6. Here Michael Palmer explains a little about the immune system, why bee sting allergy is common in children of beekeepers, and what can be done about it. This is based on what was told him by his immunologist.
  7. If it is his business he will probably need paying.
  8. What's going to happen when they start getting this seasons crop?
  9. None i deal with. However it will become more common. In my manual there is some hazard identifying box ticking crap i do that supposedly keeps the landowner out of trouble if something happens. Haven't had to test it yet, luckily.
  10. Essentially, OSH can behave like the Gestapo. In the event of an investigation they will seek out and find some way to pin blame on someone or everyone, they nit pick hard enough and will eventually find something. And follow that with business destroying sized fines. To be safe you got to have every box ticked, and then you will still not be safe. From OSH that is. Frankly, I have a H&S manual, and fill in the odd near miss report (tripped over or something), just to make it look like i am trying. But pretty sure if anything happened I would get slammed. Just glad i am near retirement and won't have to bear this stupidity much longer. Have accidents reduced since all this was introduced? Not according to ACC. LOL 😄
  11. The bridge may be rated suitably for the farmers tractor, but not for the beekeepers truckload of honey. In such a situation a sign could bring the situation into OSH compliance. I once worked for a beekeeper who had a site that had to be accessed by crossing a very old and dodgy looking bridge. The instructions from my boss were to "be careful" when crossing it. I never really figured out how to "be careful" when crossing it, i either had to drive over it, or not drive over it.
  12. Vegans trying to inflict their views on everyone else https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/vegan-vigilantes-defacing-meat-products-concern-supermarkets
  13. I don't think so. A honey that should be investigated would be kanuka. If that happens and it's an if, people might have learned something from history and do things a little different. See a lot of the players in the manuka boom are less than 10 or 15 year newcomers who know nothing else than the boom, no other experience, they thought the boom was the norm, and they played that game. If a new honey is developed, those people will be older and wiser. They will have the previous experience in their memory and will act accordingly. Pretty likely MPI would be on the case a lot sooner also, before too much damage is done.
  14. If proper research, combined with honesty, had been applied from day one, this whole scenario would not have happened. A lot of the money coming into the industry was based on fraudulent claims about just what was in that jar of "manuka" honey that someone in England or China was paying huge bucks for. Fraudulent money attracts new players (largely innocent). Govt steps in to counter fraud, flow of fraudulent (and some non fraudulent) money is stopped. New players and some old players, caught high and dry. A few years ago for curiosity, I purchased some manuka honey in the local supermarket. At that time i like many beekeepers was unaware of the scale of the fraud. However i tasted the honey i had bought, just a hint of a manuka taste, but mostly tasted like clover, with maybe a bit of rewarewa. Hmm...
  15. Based on what can be seen in real estate advertisements, at least in some cases it is factored in. Blocks are sometimes advertised as having manuka and with bees in place paying X $$'s per annum. For those who plant manuka they also presumably did some sums before investing. Forest owners may be in a worse position than beekeepers, once the trees are in they are locked in for 25 to 30 years and a lot can change in that time. Part of the current situation is caused by the new president of Brazil, who is a South American version of Donald Trump. He has decided there is no point in having the Amazon rain forest just sitting around, and is drafting laws to abolish protection and open it up for logging, which will flood the world with timber. Of the Indians who live there, he says well they shouldn't be there anyway they should move to cities, get civilised, and get jobs. https://www.dw.com/en/indigenous-communities-in-brazil-protest-threats-to-land-and-services/a-48506378-0
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