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  1. Hi guys, what types of pollen would be coming in in Waipa at the moment? Just curious 😃
  2. The hive I have been given by a family member looks like it is slowly falling apart (I have been moving the hive approx 1m every night to get it where we want it, which probably isnt helping). How can I transfer the bees to a new box with minimal disturbance? Is it as easy as just moving the frames they currently use, into the new box? What about the bees that get left behind if this is the method? Any advice is appreciated ?
  3. So frustrating I cant upload more pics hah. That's great to hear. I can leave them alone now ? You guys are amazing! Thank you ??
  4. So frustrating I cant upload more pics hah. That's great to hear. I can leave them alone now ?
  5. Looking through the pics we took. Only that 1 side of that frame looked like that. Here's some pics with which frames they are. We didnt get a whole shot of the 2nd frame but it did look like frame 3 except the bees had drawn it out themselves. My son had the job of taking photos ?
  6. Thanks @M4tt. I did have a check of the top of the frames this arvo and there was a little gap between some frames as there are different frames being used in the brood box. Due to me not having any gear and family member helping me out with the swarm. That side of the frame in the photo was the inner side of the outside frame. Will it be ok to leave it for 10 days before I go back in and scrape that bit out? Or is it an asap problem Ets The rest of the frames have been drawn beautifully, if that helps
  7. The frames are as close as I can get them. There is 10 frames in the box ? I agree, they need some tidying up
  8. I think I spotted the queen in a pic we took? That's the first outside frame though ? and I bliming put it on the grass to check the other frames ?‍♀️
  9. Thanks guys. I will take the top box off ?
  10. This makes sense ? duh me. Thank you ?
  11. Just checked on the hive. I only checked on 3 frames as I didnt want to disturb them too much. I could tell by the end they were sounding a bit unhappy.
  12. Yes, correct. I didnt want them running out of room as I read bees swarm when they become overcrowded?
  13. So, should I leave the top box on or take it off? Or wait till I've inspected, report back and see what you guys and gals think?
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