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  1. Thank you to all of those that have responded to my bee plea! I’m humbled to have so many of you take part and I just want to say how much I appreciate it! Our assignment isn’t due until late next week so there is still some time to respond if you haven’t already ? I understand that some questions may be a bit vague and not all questions are relevant to beekeeping. I am a complete novice to the beekeeping world and am still learning but have found the answers you have given to be very enlightening. Thank you again! Lisa. ???
  2. HI ALL!!! ---------------------------------------------- Please delete this if not allowed!!! ---------------------------------------------- I’m currently studying a diploma in marketing at Unitec and we’re currently working on a project that caters to the beekeeping market. Seeing as I’m a mere pupa to the beekeeping world, I thought I could ask you all what a day in the life of a beekeeper entails! It would be hugely helpful if you’re able to spare a few minutes to answer the questions in the link below.. Link: https://goo.gl/forms/Ah
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