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  1. Is there a list of pants that relate to the speed of stored honey crystallizing, I have a hive on pasture land with a lot of flax around and this honey is starting to crystallize in the jars, Is flax up there in the list of plants ? pohutukawa is known to be one of the quickest,
  2. The two queen method sounds like a plausible method of boosting a weaker hive that has an old queen, with a new queen in a nuc placed in a10 frame box on top separated by the queen excluder and a sheet of news paper. Once strong, remove old queen and the queen excluder. Any body tried this ?
  3. Checked the hives this morning and like you said Phil there are some dead bees in front of all the hives but only about half a cup full. The bees are still hanging out around the entrances but not as many as yesterday. There are dead mites on the stick board so thumbs up for your method. I will have to change my mite checking system as there is mites in the hive which didn't show up in my sugar shakes.
  4. I didn't have any supers on when the bayvrol was in as the hive was only building up.
  5. Thanks for the information phil, my staples weighed 29gr after i scrapped them so your formula is spot on. I will check the hives in the morning and report back. I have also put sticky boards under the hives to check for mite fall.
  6. Sugar shake, twice. Had bayvarol in and taken out 4 Jan I made my own staples and i have seen stapples hug out to dry in one of the posts, hope me drying them out like that hasn't effected them. The single FD hives with 4 staples in are as normal.
  7. Thanks for re assurance Phil, i have followed your instructions, scrapped off excess and dried in the sun for a day before putting in the hives.
  8. I did take a single box of cleaned up wets off before i put the staples in. I am still learning heaps as i only started keeping bees in October 2018. Thanks for that Tony
  9. The bees are not dead, just all out up the front of the hives. It is the first time i have used this method an i had zero mite count 3 weeks ago
  10. I have being following this discussion for a while and decided to treat 4 of my hives with staples at 37% strength. Put in total of 7 staples in 2 fd brood boxes and 4 in a single fd brood box. Checked my hives 6 hours after installing the staples and the 2 fd hives with 7 staples have a lot of bees out front. The single fd hives with 4 staples are reacting as normal.They have never done this before, anyone else have this issue and should i be concerned.
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