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  1. So I did and would like to visit you and see how you work/practices to compare to my Dutch experience. If interested please answer me though my private email you will find in my profile. Thanks! J.
  2. Dear New Zealand bee friends Nikki, Mummzie, Glynn and Mark Thanks so much for your swift answer to my request on the website New Zealand bees. @ Nikki: I hope your comment at frazzledfozzle (“Love to have you come visit”) also applies to me. @ Mummzie: Thanks for your tip ("…or putting contact details in the member profile.") and so I did. I am not sure if everybody may be able to read it so I’ll try to put it in my post too. @ Glynn: I found your e-mail on Facebook so I will contact you soon. @ Mark K: I will try to become friends on Facebook with you and carry on the conversation fro
  3. Hello Pinnacle, Mark K and Mummzie , thanks for the "Likes". I'm just wondering (being outright New/Rookie/Novice here) if I missed any of your posts? Or does this mean that you want to get in touch? And than: How? Cheers Jeroen
  4. Hello Everybody, I am an enthusiastic beekeeper in the Netherlands visiting your beautiful country next summer in December, January en February. I am a small time enthusiast with three hives in a pet zoo also for educational purposes. But not only. We harvested about 50 kilograms of honey from two hives this year and that was exceptional much in spite of the warmest and driest summer ever in the Netherlands. This was the richest harvest in my 7 years’ experience. At first I’ll travel the North and South Island with a friend for a month, starting in Auckland and finishing in Ch
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