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  1. Hey thanks guys I appreciate all the input.. Seems like it might be quite a risky investment and not as straight forward as I first anticipated. I think I'll just 'watch that space' for a year or two and re-assess. CHeers!!
  2. Yeah that is an issue I have read about, but can be overcome if you have land that has reduced accessability in terms of road access to the boundaries, and also the risk is reduced the larger the block of land. It seems the ideal plantation would be in a back country valley somewhere, 500+ hectares, with stream running through it and hard to get to
  3. I guess it depends on where the land is and what it is surrounded by? If it's surrounded by blocks of pine or steep land ie in a valley or something or water barriers that might limit how far they forage?
  4. I'm still doing my research at this point but it appears that you do indeed need other species among the manuka for the bees to forage for health of the hive and sustainability. I think finding a plot of land that can support manuka trees as well as other species that can contribute to honey production?
  5. Thanks for the advice so far! From my research I've found that you need around 50 hectares minimum to ensure, like you have said, the bees don't just fly elsewhere for nectar. There seems to be a lot of support offered in establishing a manuka farm/plantation. Obviously I'm looking at it from an investment perspective as I'm looking to buy land anyway, but the manuka honey and oil option really appeals to me.
  6. Hi all I'm looking at buying an existing plot of land in the far north with existing manuka and kanuka trees on it with the intention of growing exclusively manuka trees. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice (or can warn of any pitfalls) in terms of having someone harvest the manuka honey and how arrangements with apiarists usually work? Thanks in advance! Cheers
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