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  1. Hi everyone Thank you all very much for this input, very informative and given me ways to proceed with treatment. Thanks
  2. Hi Just after some input from the more experienced. Don't shoot me down in flames, just trying to find a good method to treat hives for varroa at a reasonable price. I do use Bayvarol once a season, but want to mix it up with oxalic. I am not at a level or want to invest yet in a pro vap 220. I have seen the use of the vaporisers using oxalic acid and 95% alcohol mix but the alcohol in NZ at this level is very expensive. I also know the oxalic acid on cheaper vapourisers is very corrosive but it is a cheap way to start. What I am after is some experienced positive feedback and other sources for alcohol. Some forums say ethyl alcohol but this is also expensive. Can isopropyl alcohol be used? I have heard of the use of food grade mineral oil but again this also gets a negative rap on the net.Your input on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for responding to my request. Cheers
  4. Hi Does anyone know of a supplier in Christchurch for dressed pine to make full depth brood boxes? Thanks Steve
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