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  1. Anyone have a view on how big is too big for a colony this time of year? Have already done a small split but considering doing another full split of the hive. 3 full depth boxes of bees currently with about 75% coverage
  2. Hi - is anybody available to complete an AFB Inspection in Tai Tapu? Happy to pay for time and petrol. Thanks!
  3. Hi - is anybody available to complete an AFB Inspection in Tai Tapu? Happy to pay for time and petrol. Thanks!
  4. Another newby question, we had our first honey tests back from Hills, and they've detected around 140 fungal spores from the sample provided. Is this normal?
  5. Quick update - the lady's are still fighting back so we're on 'wait and see' while we protect the hive as best we can. Thanks for all the advise
  6. Ok thanks @SeanMonica do I order online on your website? Can you just confirm it will fit with the hive doctor base board? Yes have had a really good look but no luck. It's amazing the number that were heading straight in yesterday. They've obviously all got the message that the hive is available and the amount of damage they've already done is quite incredible. Sad to watch
  7. How quickly could you get a hive gate to Christchurch assuming it fits into hive doctor base?
  8. Would the above care strategy work if the weak hive is currently queenless? We can't spot her running around so suspect she is gone. I am fully aware I'm flogging a dead dog here but I'm also thinking it's all good learning :( We were also thinking the same about putting a couple of frames of brood and frame in with the weak hive, but wondered if at this time of year they would raise a new queen, and again if it was too late in the season. By the way, all of this advice is REALLY appreciated! Sorry, @SeanMonica can you also confirm, does your hivegate work on hive doctor bases?
  9. Thanks all. @SeanMonica will order today. I guess a final question, we're at high altitude (400m elevation) and dont suffer frosts etc. Too late to try to combine the existing bees into a new nuc or attempting to move them to the stronger hive?
  10. Thanks @SeanMonica unfortunately we wintered down the hives (just 2) and went overseas for 2 weeks. When we came back yesterday one of the hives had been absolutely obliterated. It's down to a frame of bees, two would be being generous. They had been Varroa treated per schedule and had strips in when we left. The other hive is being shown some light interest, but so far the wasps are just going for the one. Your product looks great. We are thinking we will order one for each hive regardless the outcome. Our current plan is to lock down both hives, use the Vespex, see if the remaining bees make it, consider a nuc rebuild if they do, otherwise just get rid of the wasps and go again in Spring with the hive gates. Does this sound sensible?
  11. Even with a vented bottom? We think the hive is too far gone, but looking at how to protect the bees while destroying the wasps (if possible)
  12. Question for the group, how long can we lock down the hive ie shut the hive Dr doors while we try to eradicate a wasp issue?
  13. Yeah, conscious of mites, though assuming the bees aren't slowing down yet if they're only just now ramping up the honey production. Apparatus we run a solid month behind other parts of Canterbury.
  14. To fill up again. Our flow is very late as we're at altitude. Just going into first harvest now
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