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  1. Sorry, probably not a good idea. I did look for the swarm reporting info on this forum but found it difficult to find.
  2. Is anyone available to rescue a swarm in Christchurch. My brother has one at his place . Less than 2m off the ground in a walnut tree in Shirley.
  3. I hope this I ok to post. Casting the net wide and reposting in this community, at the suggestion of a Neighbourly member... with the idea that my operation might be mutually beneficial with some of yours! ?? Hi neighbours,I'm looking for some growing space close to home to grow cut flowers for selling to florists. I started last season (see pictures) at a friend's property 25 min away, but I'd love to grow closer to home (Harewood/Bishopdale) to help me be nearby for my family commitments. There are lots of lifestyle blocks around here...I've seen them on google maps! Do you
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