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  1. Something of interest as Mexico (2014) is the worlds sixth biggest producer and third largest exporter of honey. Mexico builds wall to keep out Monsanto’s GMOs Published on Sep 27, 2016 Video 6:11 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcdQl_Nxse8 Mexican beekeepers are celebrating a victory after biotech giant Monsanto lost its permit to plant Roundup-ready genetically modified soybeans in the country. RT America's Marina Portnaya reports. Then, Simone Del Rosario is joined by Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology to weigh-in.
  2. Well M4tt, I certainly went about this the wrong way and failed to check that main Monsanto transgenic bee link before posting. It certainly made a fool of me however I have managed to find a couple of remaining links from my source files that still work and refer to Monsanto actively engaging in transgenic bee research. Not nearly the best but all I have left now. 2017 https://www.emfacts.com/2017/12/australia-and-new-zealand-to-be-test-sites-for-gm-insect-trials-courtesy-of-darpa-re-posted/ 2015 A sad old link but indicates what they were up to. Misleading title
  3. A satire site? Well, I’ll be so it is! Funny that! Two days or so ago it wasn’t and for well over eight months it’s been a good site with a much larger page full of detail and now POW… a satire site. Interesting too is that searches now only have the Monsanto bee as satire with other pages mainly having the transgenic bee decades away. Real pity I failed to screen-cap or save the entire page. Rookie mistake that! Oh Well. I’m just plain silly and wrong and you’ve all got nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here! It was all just a sad, pathetic joke from a patronising paid shill. Carry on fo
  4. From: Oh please. Edited To: Oh please. You don't have bees, you never had bees, you never gonna have bees, you don't want to have bees, you came here to push your views on GM. Well that's better than the first 'Oh please.' No I don't have bees and haven't had bees but I certainly would like to have bees sometime in the future. As for my (non-political) views on GM who cares what they are. The simple fact, that I have provided evidence for, is that you, the entire NZ beekeeping community and NZ honey brands are soon to be stuffed by NZ field trials of the transgenic bee. Do yo
  5. A simple response somewhat lacking in both thought and clarity but I see that Nikki Watts agrees with you so that’s OK. Wouldn’t it have been better to have actually thoroughly read the posted links articles and made the connection instead of me having to lead you by the nose to the blindingly obvious? No. I guess not. Much easier to simply yell ‘political agenda’ and dismiss it entirely. My initial question was to try and lead you lot to the truth of the matter of NZ and transgenic bees. Remember, they're YOUR hives at stake. Not mine. YOUR businesses/brands at stake. Not mine. How
  6. What 'political' agenda Alastair? Where's my politics? Please point it out to me if you'd be so kind.
  7. It's the logic of $$$. How do you protect your profitable neonicotinoid /glyphosate business? Build better bees! More neonicotinoid resistant sterile bees = more chemical sales + a captive market for annual pollination once native/non-GE populations die off from toxicity. Initial transgenic bee development costs recovered and easy money from then on out. Ask yourself, would you eat the honey?
  8. They're already working on robot bees in the UK and elsewhere. Lots of different and very ugly prototypes but soon enough they'll miniturise them further and perfect a basic design. As for genetically modified transgenic bees, well Monsanto has already made them. (The way of the future!) Sarc Monsanto unveils a neonicotinoid-pesticide-resistant transgenic bee. http://www.scienceinfo.news/monsanto-unveils-neonicotinoid-pesticide-resistant-transgenic-bee/
  9. I have no hives Alastair but am very interested in the opinions of apiarists as to what the impact of transgenic bees would have on NZ native bees/pollinators along with the hobbyist/commercial apiarist. What M4tt wrote basically sums up the commercial viewpoint. There'd hopefully be no interbreeding of transgenic and natural bees (I think, yet Mother natures cunning) but they'd compete for the same food resources as the natural bees/pollinators. With the sure-to-be-coming change in our GE stance public 'perception' of GE honey being manufactured here would be of great
  10. Thanks M4tt, Perceived is critical word there. Marketing is all about human perception is it not and reality takes a back seat to it. I expect if someone famous enough overseas stated a rumor on social media that NZ product X was 'super healthy' despite it being provably not its sales would still increase simply due to perception, and perhaps a bit of follow the celebrity leader. (I perceive it's true so it must be true). Unfortunately, from the looks of it NZ is about to alter its stance on GE organisms from what both the outgoing and incoming Chief science advisors ha
  11. Hello, A question I put to you is - In your opinion what affect would the introduction of genetically engineered bees to NZ have on existing commercial honey brands? Thanks for any replies.
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