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  1. It's not a case of being sterile but the recommendation for those on the front line is once home to remove clothing to go directly into the hot wash to remove any possible contamination and for you to shower yourself. Having worked in sterile environments it could not be done effectively in public spaces.
  2. The NZ land mass is actually bigger by quite a bit and if you compare population numbers, 66 million for the UK, then NZ is by far the more inviting place to live and someone mentioned nationalities the UK is very diverse with heritage from all over Europe I think you would struggle to find a genuine Anglo Saxon and this follows into NZ as the majority of European Kiwi's have heritage from the UK. As for me! I'm a Kiwi by choice, I chose to live here for the Kiwi way of life and I chose to comply with all the regulations to become a citizen hence a Kiwi by choice. I never kept bees
  3. I bought some and tried them but how do you tell if they are working or not? I have a couple of new ones left so if you want to try it at reduced cost $10 each plus the post. Reply to me if you are interested with an email or means of contact.
  4. https://konigin.com.pl/96-honey-creamers for the smallest creamer, 50 litres, the cost is NZ$1556.00 plus delivery.
  5. If its a dying Tutu Bush then its better for my honey!
  6. Great information Thanks Kellee and everyone else my honey tested this year at 0.75 mg/kg and I'm assuming that is down to the drought we here in the top of the south but it also means that I shall be testing next year to check if it was a one off. If I come across a Tutin bush am I allowed to deal with it? Andrew
  7. I have Technoset Bee Feeders, https://www.beequip.nz/collections/feeders/products/technosetbee-top-feeder-ultra-5-3-litre-with-top-entry, on my pair of hives and have found them to to be very good as they are insulated, I'm able to add feed without opening the hives and the bees don't drown in the syrup. Has anyone got opinions on these feeders as any for/against comments will increase my knowledge. Being located in Richmond Tasman I'm told with out moderate climate my bees should winter quite well? Cheers Andrew
  8. Hi Kellee I have read, hopefully correctly, that in 2015 the Tutin level was dropped from 2.0 mg/kg to the current 0.7 mg/kg which is a significant reduction could you tell me a/ if my information is correct and b/ the resigning behind the redefinition of the Tutin level. I'm a third year bee keeper so all this is new information to me on huge learning curve. Thanks. Andrew
  9. As I am still a bee student can I confirm that here in Richmond/Tasman I do not need to to fit trays to my HD bottom boards?
  10. This was what was sent to me and have ordered 10 so as I have one hive that is already weak I shall give them a go in there. Varroa Destructor Death strip contents include. Thyme Extract, Bilberry Extract, Walnut Leaf Extract, Bay Leaf Extract, Glycerol, Thme Oil, Pine Oil, Bilberry Oil, Ethanedioic acid, Walnut Oil, Bay Leaf Oil, Occaliptus Oil, Xantham Gum.
  11. I've asked a few questions so await the reply.
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