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  1. I experimented this year with a two queen colony using the method described above.... Excluder between queens and merged with newspaper. the 2nd queen was dead within 2 weeks. I suspect that either the two queens fought through the excluder, or one colony balled her up. Won't bother trying that again lol.
  2. Any links to a comprehensive tutorial of this method? Looking for a reliably cheaper way of treatment. Strips are hitting the pocket too hard.
  3. Obviously they have plenty of cash to splash.
  4. I've tried boiling it in a stock pot and that gets it out, but in my experience it wasn't really worth the effort. There wasn't a lot of wax in it and I wouldn't bother next time.
  5. I too have already started to see drone brood appear in some of my hives and the queen laying a lot of eggs already. If I was looking at doing porpoise splits, when do you think the earliest I could do this would be? I figure that once I start seeing Drones present in the hive, by the time a new queen is born the drones would have matured enough to mate so I was thinking I would get away with it in about two weeks time?
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