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  1. Would you then place the mat back on top of the hive when not feeding the hives?
  2. More in the sense of mats being on hives in the early stages of AFB before it is easily detectable in the infected hive?
  3. Looking at using Propolis Mats in hives with top feeders, and have come across some problems with drone brood being laid above the mats which clogs the mats. Has anyone got any thoughts on the best approach to this? Also, is there any way to santise the mats so that desease's such as AFB won't be spread from hive to hive after cleaning the mats? Thanks
  4. Hey there, after getting some Pohutakawa honey last season, I've noticed that it tends to go rock hard after a few months. Is there any way to avoid this? Does creaming help it at all? Thanks!
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