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  1. off topic but i need to vent . yes the south is a great place we all love NZ . but why is it ok for the Jafas to not only pay for most of the roading throughout new zealand . then being made to pay again to fix auckland's roads . as 2 /3s of the population live in auckland is it right to make us pay for all the roads outside of auckland too . if that's how the governments going to treat us well . guess where my Center finger is pointing
  2. Im so bad at interacting with others . i didnt know there was one but im sure it will be to far from auckland for me . But my question is where and when is it please . i read every reply and i got so confused up down across .i got lost . thanks Onslow
  3. hi mwembers my first time so bear with me . Ok each Year or the last 3 years around the 2nd week into May . I find what i thought was normal routine of my 2 hives bees brings in pollen and some i thought were bring in nectour . but soon i notice more bees on the ground infrount of there hive and within a very short time they are emptied out So my Question is this if Arbres winter there hives In one super and 8 frame's and a two frame feeder. " do the bees see it as there winter supply has been removed and they become wonted robbing bees to replenish some food or not .?? as i am above Admore im looking at all the beekeepers down on the flats . Not happy My 2 Question are these does this happen to other small hobbyist ? How should bees be wintered in Auckland ?
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