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  1. Some more info. Another article from the same bloke. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/manuka-honey-game-changer-2018-adam-boot/ not sure what its about really other than the purity of Manuka.
  2. The last stop before the consumer is the retailer. Bricks and mortar or online. If we stop shipping bulk to packers of shore the Market does not disappear. We just pack more here and ship to the retailer. All we are doing is removing uncontrolled less regulated of shore packers from the chain to the retailer. Of shore adulteration stops. Opportunities for counterfeit are reduced. Quality standards are controlled better and will hopefully remove the bad stories of Manuka being removed from shelves in UK and Europe for non compliance. People don't stop buying Champaign because it has to come from the Champaign region. If anything the demand increases.
  3. Agreed great story. We should all promote it.
  4. It shrill comes back to my starting point. There needs to be a cohesive, collective New Zealand message. A story that we all promote. Quality levels that we all abide by and work to lift. A collective dismissal of any Jelly Bush (Faux Manuka) that was not harvested in nz, The shipping of bulk off shore must be stopped.
  5. Agreed. Do not tell a story that no one is interested in. There is nothing unique about beekeepers bringing hives to NZ and that is relatively recent history. The story is about the plant being identified for medicinal purposes in the first place. The arrival of beekeeping was just another step in the journey.
  6. The story is not the relationship between Maori and bees but the historic relationship between Maori and Manuka (bush) Maori have a great history and tradition for using Manuka medicinally for many things. The leaves, bark and ash were all used extensively.
  7. They are not miles ahead. In fact if we were cohesive with our story -Purity, provenance, sustainability, genuine etc then the commoditisation of Australian Manuka by people like Capalano can work in our favour
  8. Comvita sell UMF 2.5 in China. It all drags the market down.
  9. More people need to read that Capalano (com vita) crap are start to realise what is going on. The market will me stolen from under us while we sleep.
  10. I have just had a look at Capalano (Comvita) You are right - Very angry. Seriously though, the public should know about this. Selling out their own country with knock off product. They are publicly listed so won't care until their share price is effected.
  11. Banning the export of bulk has to be a good option. people overseas may still cheat but if the message gets out that the genuine article has to have been packed in NZ then this will be a start. We must only ever refer to the Aussie nock off as Jelly Bush. To call it Manuka with out saying Jelly bush at the same time only gives it credibility. As for Comvita - Shame on them. Only idiots would think it a good idea to #### on their own market
  12. I am new to register but I am a regular browser. I have to ask the big question though What are we the industry doing to protect Manuka here and internationally? The protection of Manuka as a New Zealand brand is being left in the hands of the Government MPI or the API Association or the Manuka Honey Appellation Society (MHAS) The MPI introduced new standards as of the 5th of Jan 2018 however these only apply to packed honey Manuka for export. They do not apply to bulk export Manuka and bizarrely do not apply to the New Zealand domestic market. What does it say of our own expectations, when we are happy to ship bulk to overseas packers who work to lesser standards and regulation and then compete against our own brands produced in New Zealand. Overseas packers can use wording on labels that are prohibited in NZ - Healthy, Active, anti-bacterial etc. also they seem to use made up grading systems rather than UMF or MGO. I was sent an article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nz-manuka-what-happening-adam-boot/ it has some good points. More importantly it means I am not the only one worried about my industry and how I make a living. I am worried that if we don't do something united the bible will burst or just be taken away from us. It will be years before the MHAS make any headway protecting Manuka if ever. In the meantime our own lack of action and solidarity gives Australian jelly bush and overseas packers a helping hand. Does it not seem odd that New Zealand, the home of Manuka now has two quality standards for Manuka? One for export and a lower one for our own consumers. This just gives off the wrong message.
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