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  1. Our Kowhai have been flowering down here for one month now.Clematis is late this year.
  2. Correct,It does set fast and is fined grained just like S.Rata
  3. Try warming it up then you will get the true flavour
  4. When I got out of organic honey propduction in 2010/11 bayvrol was not allowed under the A.Q. rules.
  5. It depends on the quantity produced/hive and the price/kg you sell at.Do not forget the honey I sell is not cheap and is packed in glass and buying this product i N.Z. needs to be looked at
  6. All up with all charges about $500
  7. To me everyone produces "clean" honey except some are "cleaner" than others.Now the local consumer wants to know the story behind the honey.That sells your honey,I can tell you.I have run out of honey to sell so will wait and see what happens in the season coming up.I only sell at farmers mkts and normally sell out.
  8. is it pure kamahi or does it have Quintinia mixed with it,
  9. To me low grade honey is honey that has c ome out of the wax melter and sold to the bakers.
  10. No idea just saw it in newspaper
  11. ALL i know is Myrtle Rust has been found on the coast and with all this humidity will not take long to spread.So the rata only has a few years left.
  12. James,think outside the box and market your own honey.What makes your honey different from any one elses.Go for a trip and see what the punters want.
  13. Do not forget the bee takes honey from the stamen on the flower and the stigma holds the pollen so as she gets the nectar brushes the pollen holding stigma.This means the pollen from the bee enters the cell that the honey is placed into,that is why it is good to have only honey frames.
  14. Both examples of multiflora honey.Under the codex allimentairious ( spelling not sure of) the pollen source should be at least 70% to be called a pure honey.eg clover or lotus or other plants have to be at least 70%.I hope this makes sense.
  15. No but I have enough experience to notice if anything is wrong
  16. No you are wrong.My nearest beekeeper is 8km away in a straight line and I do not have varroa and have not treated.
  17. I also eat the propolis straight off the hive.I remember telling the boys in Canada to do it.The propolis was poplar disgusting tasting stuff.
  18. The glass jars I buy from Rick Holmes 190 or 195ml for 250gm and 390 or 395 ml for 500gm.No idea what 1 kg is as they do not produce a 1kg jar.A preserving jar(large) contains 1.4 kg.
  19. Mummzie ,I just melt the wax and. strain through a stainless steel kitchen strainer. let it set,scrape the bottom of the wax and use.The bees will sort the rubbish out.
  20. I have a 4.9mm mill and produce roughly about 100 sheets/ year and the mill came out of Poland.
  21. So James what happened to the honey boxes from the Coast hive with AFB,spread around through the outfit or back on the same hive the boxes came off?
  22. I visited my isplated site yesterday.No sign of any varroa, mind you nearest beek is 8km as the crow fles.One hive which is headed by an Amm has stopped laying.The other heeaded by an Italian is still laying well.Honey coming in,Erica Lusitanica.Hopefully I will get some comb drawn.I will use this AMM to breed up.I have access to sites which are miles away from othe beeks and the only bees in the area are amm survivors I guess.
  23. Erica Lustanica[Spanish Heath] flowering in the swamp.Bees are loving it.
  24. Christi,The bees need water and dust and pelets land on the place where bees drink also dust from the hopper goes onto the flowers and the bees take that up. Jasper, Which laboratory did doc use for their testing.To my knowlege only one lab in N.Z TESTED BIirds animals etc for 1080 and that is Land care,owned by the government so would you trust them
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