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  1. I find it amazing that you have to go to that sort of thing to get a hive apart.Try taking the honey off earlier.The only time I have had to revert to using a spade was during deliminating surveys for varroa and some orchardists had hives for pollination in their own name.
  2. You are correct but with so many hives looking for the gold everyone will get a teaspoon and it will not be manuka as S.Rata flowered up high and as you know bees only go for manuka when nothing else available.
  3. Correct but the S. Rata is only appearing in the Otira valley. It has finished on the Coast Road. I wonder if it flowered at Paringa as it normally flowers but not in the Otira valley
  4. I know you cannot place the bees at Kelly's again as both entrances are blocked on both sides and there is not much freehold land in the valley
  5. Nothing in the Taramakau valley but a few trees high up.Why do you ask James? as Lester now has his own bees and I told him to keep the property to himself and let no one else in. It is not even flowering on the Kelly Range, quite strange.
  6. But you cant sell it for a decent price so why chase it?
  7. If it is cabbage tree honey it will have a smell of womans perfume and is water white as white as S. Rata.
  8. You can have some of ours with pleasure
  9. It flowered at Fox River, Barrytown but not very well.
  10. Try looking for "The Beacon", that is the local rag
  11. Windy in the valley as well and no rata
  12. I guess so but so did the Rata I believe so not much Manuka would come out of Karamea I would think, just like Charleston
  13. Yes,the bretheren group travel all the way from Timaru looking for Manuka in Karamea.Don't try coming here in Otira for the S.Rata because it aint happening.You should know that a good flowering happens once every 4 to 5 years.
  14. Good to hear It depends on your moral views.I always tell my customers about the different ratas we have and label accordingly.The only problem is we do not get enough white rata to be pure, it is norm,ally a blend with everything else out there flowering.
  15. Disagree.If you did a pollen analysis and it showed it was more tan 70-% pollen of vipers then under the codex system it has to be called that by its common name.do you name your honey manuka when it is Kanuka?Do you call your white rata vine Rata.
  16. Well call it by its correct name Vipers Bugloss not Blue Borage.
  17. Chris ,Asure Quality are completely out of the system now so I am led to believe.
  18. What does it taste like and what colour is the honey?
  19. The N. Rata is light amber while the S.rata is water white and I dont think the N Rata goes like concrete if it is not creamed.
  20. Still be truthful in what you sell.You cannot tell the difference between S and N Rata in the frames but it is not the frames you are selling,it is the honey extracted from these frames and you can differentiate then.It is great telling people the difference between N and S Rata trees, so many people do not know.
  21. I get annoyed that everyone calls vipers bugloss blue borage when it is not.Like not naming the ratas sepertately.N Rata honey is a completely different colour to S.Rata. SI label my honey true to variety after getting the pollen analysis back.
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