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  1. As soon as I get my printer and scanner fixed i will send the reply to you.
  2. I see Rata is flowering at Fox River
  3. Forestry workers used to carry them due to wasp stings
  4. Can't tell what is going to happen down here yet.
  5. Think of it another way. How much money do you expect each beehive to make? To get to your desired figure ,you have to ask yourself how can I achieve this.To get to your desired figure you have to start thinking outside the honey box. I KNOW i can sell Honey Dew for a good profit.I would probably sell close to 3 tonne/year and Rata gosh it just flies out the door. if I can do this on the West Coast surely you can do that else where in the country. Ok it takes time to build up a reputation but the honey should sell itself you are just the person promoting it. I was at the Motueka Market
  6. I realise that but their hands are tied as the orders come from higher up. I know all the people in the Westport office but makes no difference at all.
  7. Grant you are correct. You have to tell a story about your honey, either by talking about it or on the label and you have to be committed. I sit outside the Greymouth Library every Friday and sell my honey, rain, hail or sunshine.Sometimes i make money other times I don't but my customers know nI will be there and i can tell them what is flowering and when up and down the coast. They appreciate that.
  8. As far as i know as long as you pay the fee and agree to the conditions you cannot oppose the concession. The place to oppose it is if it is publically notified in the local paper.Ask DOC which paper the notification was in.Most of the beekeeping concessions are now dealt with in Wanganui I think, not the local office
  9. James, The industry has always been disruptive or should I say disjointed.The only way I can see the way out is for the government to legislate like they have with the milk and kiwifruit industry. I spoke at length with the minister about this. He told me the industry have to want it first. No I am not talking about a Honey Marketing Authority but something along those lines other wise we will still compete with each other in the same market Now think about the 500gm of butter getting $10usd in the market place in the US. We could do the same but we have to be more sustainable in our p
  10. I heard rumours that the shareholders at the AGM of Ngai Tahu asked questions last year as to the profitability of the honey business.It was suggested that the hives be sold.Can you imagine what 30,000 hives on the market will do to the price of beehives.
  11. He is but he is not the beekeeper just the beehaver
  12. If he is it will not be secret for long---- this is the coast
  13. All I KNOW is that in a Rata year the Otira valley will produce 100kg plus / hive over a 6 week period. In such a year one could place 10,000 hives in the area and every hive would produce 100 kg/ hive due to so much nectar available.
  14. The building Maggie is the Otira Hall, now used as a storage place for the publicans junk.The sign says the residents do not tolerate drugs of any sort.HA HA . dID HE ASK THE RESIDENTS NO HE DID NOT
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