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  1. The last one down here was pretty damp. We have not had a winter yet and shortest day is not far away
  2. When it suits him.He never asked about a beesite I had at Kellys creek
  3. All the honey I take offf for other people comes in after December 31st. I tell them to get it tutin tested, whether they do or not who knows. I have never seen a vine hopper on the tutu plant in the Northern Westland area and the line goes from Fox River north.
  4. The point of difference I tell my customers when selling S. Rata is it only flower once every 3 or 4 years and has to be creamed to be used. I also tell them I cannot leave it on the hive for feed as the bees find it too hard to work and die. That is why I normally put a premium on S. Rata.
  5. It will be interesting to see APINZ take on this seeing as they are supposed to represent N.Z beekeepers
  6. So all these Chinese people who bought honey from the supermarket to sell in their home country are exporters as mentioned? I do not think so.
  7. Who are they Maggie ?
  8. No we are not strong enough.
  9. Saw a vehicle on the road yesterday, heading over the hill with a atv on thje back on top of that was a hind or stag. Coming over to shoot all our deer. !!!
  10. I know a beek who tried to sell drone brood into Japan but MPI put in the too hard basket so another export failed due to beaurocracy.
  11. B ut you can't live without honey
  12. That is the only scientific way to tell exactly what the honey is.
  13. HAve you had a pollen analysis done on your Kamahi at all?
  14. So how many hands does it go through to get to the consumer
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