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  1. No but I have enough experience to notice if anything is wrong
  2. No you are wrong.My nearest beekeeper is 8km away in a straight line and I do not have varroa and have not treated.
  3. I also eat the propolis straight off the hive.I remember telling the boys in Canada to do it.The propolis was poplar disgusting tasting stuff.
  4. The glass jars I buy from Rick Holmes 190 or 195ml for 250gm and 390 or 395 ml for 500gm.No idea what 1 kg is as they do not produce a 1kg jar.A preserving jar(large) contains 1.4 kg.
  5. Mummzie ,I just melt the wax and. strain through a stainless steel kitchen strainer. let it set,scrape the bottom of the wax and use.The bees will sort the rubbish out.
  6. I have a 4.9mm mill and produce roughly about 100 sheets/ year and the mill came out of Poland.
  7. So James what happened to the honey boxes from the Coast hive with AFB,spread around through the outfit or back on the same hive the boxes came off?
  8. I visited my isplated site yesterday.No sign of any varroa, mind you nearest beek is 8km as the crow fles.One hive which is headed by an Amm has stopped laying.The other heeaded by an Italian is still laying well.Honey coming in,Erica Lusitanica.Hopefully I will get some comb drawn.I will use this AMM to breed up.I have access to sites which are miles away from othe beeks and the only bees in the area are amm survivors I guess.
  9. Erica Lustanica[Spanish Heath] flowering in the swamp.Bees are loving it.
  10. Christi,The bees need water and dust and pelets land on the place where bees drink also dust from the hopper goes onto the flowers and the bees take that up. Jasper, Which laboratory did doc use for their testing.To my knowlege only one lab in N.Z TESTED BIirds animals etc for 1080 and that is Land care,owned by the government so would you trust them
  11. Nah did not need to the locals sorted it out earlier
  12. I already have one on my truck James.Why do you think I went up to Ruatoria?To produce pure organic honey for my market,
  13. I disagree Tommy.I know of one incident where roundup was found in honey before it left N.Z. thank goodness.
  14. James, you have hit on a subject close to my heart.My involement with 1080 and beekeeping goes back to 2009 when I was exporting west coast Manuka and Rata to the usa vselling to wholefoods and selling it as ORGANI[CERTIFIED]. The rules changed and I was asked to find apiray sites further than 5 km away from any conventional agriculture with no sprays which I did.When I submitted thse to Asure Quality for perusal they found out that 1080 had been dropped 3 yrs beforehand so this land was now not certified Organic under the "National O rganic Program" which is the standard used by the Americans. T he following year I was approached by landcare and asked to donate a hive to test the honey for 1080 as they were dropping in the Reefton area.I was not prepared to donate one of my hives so I gave it a miss. Land care used one of their own but they had to feed it tyo keep it alive so how accurate were the results from this hive. I believe there was no detection of 1080 in the honey from thios hive.I have no idea what they tested for or what they tested. Advance to last year 2018.I sked every laboratory that I know of in N.Z. if they test for 1080 in honey.The only positive result I received back was from Analytica saying $10,000 to develop a test and I was the 1st person who had asked for a test.After all the facebook fiasco with Comvita I was contactede by a kiwi vet working in Perth and she told me to send bee samples to Q2ueensland equivalent of MPI AND THEIR TEST GO DOWN to ppb.Now do you tust Landcare for the results as they only test down to .000pts/ml
  15. Like he sorted the line for testing for tutin.I believe the officers travelling around the country saw 2 vine hoppers in Westport and put the line from just south of fox river .Now this is 20km as a bee flies from Westport ,with no consultation from the beekeepers
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