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  1. Of course.I split an Amm hive and gave each nuc a frame of eggs and let them raise ther own queens.I moved 1 nuc to where I live now so will be interesting to see how it has mated.I do know it is alive.But if the mating has happened I will be very surprised.No one has moved any hives into the Otira valley yet so the only drones the Queen can mate with are ferals or swarms. The weather has not been great, about 4 fine days in the last month.
  2. They have supported many beekeepers.When I say support they have bought honey off them when others would not. Loyalty goes both ways,supplier and buyer.Packers must find it difficult when they do not know how many tonnes of each type of honey they are getting.Beekeepers must also find it hard when they do not know how much they will get paid for their honey.Very hard to budget.
  3. Still raining here. How about swapping weather patterns
  4. Lucky you,bucketing down here and blowing
  5. Great little spuds,great flavour still grown in Ruatoria
  6. No problem, bring in the overseas labour
  7. So have you lost that strain?
  8. A normal spring,a little sick of the wet weather. One good thing is selection of bees that can mate in this weather will stay
  9. In answer to your question, there would not be as many beekeepers and only the "true" beek would have survived.
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