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  1. No,it is the sooty mould that grows on the plant similar to the mould on the black beech and the manuka and the vinehopper feeds off that. This is what I believe happens. I may be wrong who knows
  2. Why has the afbpmp put in place a notice that it illegal to open feed bees seeing as the aim is to get rid of AFB in N.Z. Surely you would think they would have something in place. Yes I know i forgot to place the word" not "after afbpmp
  3. Great weather here in the valley. Autumn is certainly our stable weather season.
  4. Catsear still flowering in the valley and loads of orange pollen coming in. Drones still flying so can't be too cold yet.
  5. You will not get sick. You are a tough old biddy.
  6. Correct, but normally great.
  7. rubbish we are still going
  8. This iron was made by lysaught(aussie) stamp still on the iron.Pain to cut using tin snips.
  9. Loads of old high quality iron here in Otira. I will see if the LAand lord who used to own the village needs it.
  10. And what about the tarriff going in to Japan- 25% I believe.
  11. What a pity the guy is deceased. He had so much knowlege. I sent him a sample asking for a pollen analysis and it can back with a trace of sodium chloride even though the site was 5 kms from the sea.
  12. Where as on the Coast it gains moisture due to our high humidity.
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