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  1. If you feed your bees sugar it has to be organic sugar if you want to call the honey organic. Fro what I understand the Asure qualty organic standards allow o/a staples to control varroa. You also have to be careful where yoyr bees are foraging due to chemicals being used.
  2. Bighands

    Dee Lusby 2019 Conference Cancelled

    As far as I know he is but has split from his partner [Ramona].Still in Boston He borrowed a lot of Dees material and was going to write a book on breeding queens.Wrote the book "BEEKEEPING FOR DUMBIES"
  3. Bighands

    Dee Lusby 2019 Conference Cancelled

    Dee may sell him some.I know he buys her honey and returns the drum.In 2012 when I was there be was buying his pollen from spain.Our pollen in N.Z. WAS too expensive for him.
  4. Bighands

    Dee Lusby 2019 Conference Cancelled

    Bruce Brown was the other guy enrolled.He is the CEO of "CC Pollen" sad it was cancelled but that show me that the prices in the honey are not there to make this conference happen.Do not forget Dee funds this out of her nown pocket no hand outs.
  5. Bighands

    Manuka fail

    John,It was the Chjinese Government who asked MPI to set standards for Manuka Honey.I agree it should have been beekeeper led many years earlier. We have ourselves to blame if the standards set by MPI are too hard to acihieve
  6. Bighands

    Honey demand, facts not speculation

    POTZ, Phone them up and enquire about the prices. WHAT SORT OF HONEY DO YOU HAVE FOR SALE. What price do you want for it
  7. Bighands

    Honey demand, facts not speculation

    There already is one Honey Network
  8. Bighands

    February 2019 diary

    IT STARTED EARLY dECEMBER and is still flowering.I have sent a sample away to be pollen analysed as I HAVE NEVER had white rata honey before
  9. Bighands

    February 2019 diary

    i HAVE a hive at fox river and have taken 70 kg so far.All new foundation and the pollen they are bringing is still white rata.Could take more honey but will leave it for them.I magine what they could have done not having to draw wax. O r if the Rata flowered. 200kg easy
  10. Bighands

    February 2019 diary

  11. Bighands

    Honey demand, facts not speculation

    You have to change and become a price maker not a price taker.
  12. Bighands

    Honey demand, facts not speculation

    I have had an enquiry from usa about purchase of drums of manuka honey.Does not need umf just a pollen count of over 70%
  13. Bighands

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    NO,as far as I understand only if it goes through a rmp registered honey extraction plant.If sold in nz only all I need is a health cert or food safety 1
  14. Bighands

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    So I produce 1000kg from 10 hives and sell all the honey myself at markets internally the way the wording is I do not have to pay a levy.Am I correct?
  15. Bighands

    Beekeeping in Xanadu

    Me as well.I do not mind paying postage also