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  1. Here it is too bloody wet.They are all rotting
  2. But Manuka is a moari name not a pakeha name. What is the aboriginal name for mauka in australia?
  3. As I mentioned in an earlier post somewhere, I told the moari council to register or tademark the name Manuka.This was about 7 years ago.Did they do that,no.Why because of the cost yet they have had treaty settlements real bs
  4. Just take so west coast green, that will get rid of the pain.
  5. Yes I agree but do not forget the last two springs were quite dry.This is a normal spring as I remember it and I have resided on the coast for 35 yrs now
  6. I have stored pollen in a box from a dead out in the autumn and it has not gone mouldy, mind you it was in the super along with honey and not stored in thefreezer.
  7. We are the same,very little clematis and I see the kowhai at the Porari River is not flowering again this year,have not checked the pohutukawa yet.An aquaintence at Fox River tells me the kamahi is flowering.I could not see it clod too low.
  8. How do they get away with that? Or is it because the authorities do not read this forum?
  9. I make my own foundation as well but mine is 4.9 mm cells and I roll it through a mill.I have no problem with them drawing the wax providing there is a decent flow on.
  10. Which is exactly what is being done now Hydrogen conversion kits are available now
  11. Yes it looks as though hydrogen is the way to go in future for fueling our transport.I magine what air transport will look like in 20 yrs time.Hydrogen is lighter than av gas so more cattle can be squeezed in to the plane.In 2020 all Budweizer disribution fleet in the usa will be hydrogen powered.
  12. I agree with you but after discussions with my customers on the environmental aspects of glass people change their minds.You have to stick by your values.
  13. Ok u are burning diesel now but in 5 to 10 years your big mahine will be burning hydrogen and no ppluition. Now China what a joke.They have just signed a deal with the usa to buy loads more coal for their energy and steel plants.When this happens I feel sorry for the coming generations.
  14. Probably sting the s--t out of him
  15. Not as much as they should. The problem with the glass jars I use is price and miles they have to come to get to nz.I use hex jars and they come from the uk while the lids come from italy
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