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  1. Transport the bar of cells in a nuc you want use and leave the last cell for them
  2. Its raining here at the moment 72mm in the last 24 hrs
  3. 55 mm yesterday and snow on the tops today. I think the season is 3 weeks early. Fuchsia is early and today I noticed some broom starting to flower in Kumara. Quintinnia will be out later.
  4. Which is why the industry will NEVER EVER be united
  5. Did we have a say in the reasoning of the 2 RMP audits, if so why was it bought in and what were the arguments for it or is it demanded by our export markets.
  6. They sunk roughly $900,000 of our money. Another WCRD boo boo, yet the local beekeeoers who wanted money couldn't get anything.
  7. The fuchsia pollen is purple and you very rarely see it in the hive as it seems to be very sticky so ends out the front. A great talking point when selling pollen
  8. So you have 1mill $ worth of honey in the shed with no way of moving it below cost of production. I have to ask you why are you still trying to produce honey you cannot sell. You must have steel balls or a very good backer.
  9. But it is not sustainable. 200 years to grow shipped to China, assembled and wired there, then shipped to N.Z. where people like you buy it. What is this doing to the planet and inj these ti9mes are you helping local businesses. No I think not.
  10. Send the frames up North to Jaffa land as a guy is making plastic posts for the vineyards out of recycled plastic
  11. I would like to see the 30 days rule changed. I will tell you why. On a Rata year quite a few beekeepers come over here to the otira valley from Canterbury, leave the hives on site for 30 days or longer, up to 6 weeks and go back home with 100 kg plus/ hive without registering the site.Is that fair on the rest of us paying our dues, no, I think not.
  12. Why have an apiary register if this is happening. We are employing people to do this job but it looks as though they are not performing.
  13. Lets hope so but I think it will be January not February
  14. Fuchia in leaf up here in the valley.If that is the case it is going to be an early season I think.
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