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  1. Yeah, got two more and a nuc, it was a great learning experience and that’s the bit I enjoy so I’m not too worried (except for the $ part)
  2. Here’s a few photos of the frame on the day of the inspection. Sadly a case of AFB. We had 3 cells draw out, a pupal tounge, a few other cells which also looked suspect and a bit of scale on the inside of a couple of cells
  3. Hi Trev I have an inspector from the AFB management agency coming to have a look on the weekend. Thanks for your assistance Cheers Hayden.
  4. Hi It’s quite a nice day today so I thought I’d give the bees a quick mid winter check. One hive appeared to have inconsistent capping on the brood. I uncapped and inside was brown after a swirl with a match stick and drew out. Someone could give me a second opinion would be appreciated. Happy to pay. Cheers Hayden.
  5. Thanks for your help team! Will start learning the sugar shake test and getting the treatment in as appropriate.
  6. Hi I have just established a new FD single box hive from a 5 frame nuc. The bees are well fed and are drawing out the new plastic frames quickly. I will look to put a second FD box on one all frames are drawn, and move a couple of frames up to encourage bees up to draw out the second box. I was going to put in Bayvarol this weekend, but I’m unsure as to whether I just treat the bottom initial box or whether I need to progressively add strips to the second box as that grows? Or wait altogether until both boxes are reasonably well established?
  7. Thank you all for the advice. Will take it all onboard!
  8. Hi all I’ve been keen to get into beekeeping for a while but have only managed to recently join a bee club and read a few books. When looking at starting a new hive, what time of year should I be be doing this? Should I be looking at getting an autumn nuc and establishing a hive through winter so it’s ready to go in spring or wait until spring? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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